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Gilmour Weed Cutters & Chain Saws

Gilmour makes tools and accessories especially for gardens. The company's hand trimmers, pruning shears and mowers help with lawn maintenance, and its hand saws are useful during branch removal. Whether you want a weed cutter for garden work or a chain saw for storm cleanup, you can find what you need at Staples.

The Simplicity of Weed Cutter and Chain Saw Maintenance
Many weed cutters have removable covers and sides for hassle-free cleaning. Gardeners can spray inside these tools and use hoses to remove stuck-on materials, including trimmings and dried soil. Chain saws produce tougher debris than weed cutters. They get coated with sawdust and wood shavings, and many can be wiped clean with a dry rag once the machine cools off. Chain saws also have removable chains, so users can sharpen them every season.

What Types of Weed Cutters Are Available?
There are several different types of weed cutters. Some are handheld, and others use wheels to move around the yard. Gardeners with small or intricate projects often use string trimmers for garden care. Their weed cutters need to reach into tight spaces, and handheld models have small enough bodies to help with these kinds of jobs. For larger jobs, some gardeners prefer wheeled weed cutters. These machines are still smaller than most lawn mowers, but they operate in a similar way. Gardeners push them beside the areas they want to trim and cut weeds in long, straight lines. Hand clippers and pruning tools can also cut weeds. They're useful in tight areas when you need to achieve precise cuts.

Do Gardeners Prefer Gas or Electric Weed Cutters?
Gas-powered weed cutters need fuel to function. They offer heavy-duty performance, and their cutter edges stand up to thick foliage. That's why professional landscapers use gas-powered equipment. It provides consistent power and strength. Electric weed cutters often weigh less than other models. They plug into wall outlets and run more quietly than gas-powered machines. Of course, some weed cutters don't use any power at all. Manual weed cutters such as shears and clippers are a good choice for small projects.

What Jobs Require Chain Saws?
While weed cutters make quick work of pesky plants, chain saws handle the toughest forms of yard work. Many of these machines use gas-powered engines for power and portability. Others have electric engines and use electrical cords for power. Regardless of how they operate, these machines rely on their engines to spin sharp chains through dense wood. Small chainsaws have 8-inch to 16-inch bars. The biggest models have bars that measure up to 24 inches. These powerful tools slice branches from trees and cut logs into manageable pieces. Gardeners use smaller chainsaws for household trimming jobs and for everyday branch cleanup.

Weed-cutting tools access tight spaces for precise work around the garden, and some have enough power for large-scale jobs as well. Chainsaws offer even more cutting power. Whether you want a handheld clipper for gardening or a powerful saw for landscaping work, you can find the tools you need at Staples.
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