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Freshscent™ 1 oz. Shampoo
Item #1638787
Model #SHAM1
  • Pleasant light & refreshing fragrance
  • Ideal for Hotel Amenity Use
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Freshscent™ 1 oz. Conditioner
Item #1638799
Model #COND1
  • Light & Refreshing scent
  • Ideal for Hotel Amenity Use
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Dial® Eco-Smart® Conditioner Refill Cartridge, Pure Citrus, 15 Oz., 6/Ct
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Shampoos and conditioners keep hair clean, volumized, and moisturized and provide strengthening nutrients. Special formulations target hair's specific weaknesses and improve overall hair quality. Shampoos cleanse hair while conditioners moisturize and protect.

Volumizing Formulations
Choose volumizing shampoo and conditioner formulations to add lightweight volume to dull or limp hair. Vitamin- and water-based formulas naturally boost hair so it moves freely and helps reverse the weighted effect of built-up products. Matching sets of volumizing shampoos and conditioners offer a comprehensive approach to hair care through complementary formulations that keep hair light and bouncy.

Color-Safe Formulations
Color-safe shampoo and conditioner formulations are designed to make hair color last longer and stay vibrant, saving time and money on routine maintenance. Some color-safe shampoos feature dual-purpose formulations that preserve hair color while volumizing, moisturizing, or strengthening the hair. Other types of color-safe shampoo are formulated for specific hair color and use small amounts of dye to lock in and extend the wear of the color.

Reparative and Preventative Care
Choose a reparative shampoo or conditioner for hair that has been damaged due to long-term use of color, heat, chemicals, other hair styling products, or the aging process. Preventative products work to combat damage before it begins by infusing hair with essential oils, vitamins, and other protective ingredients. With a wide variety of formulations to choose from, it is easy to find a shampoo or conditioner that targets specific hair care problems and restores a healthy look and feel regardless of hair type.

Moisturizing Formulations
Moisturizing shampoos are designed to infuse the hair with moisture through vitamins, minerals, and other forms of hydration, which can improve the look, feel, and texture of hair. Many moisturizing shampoos repair the damage, which is a common cause of dryness, by infusing the strands with moisture. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner come in a variety of formulations for different hair types from fine and oily to thick and coarse, making it possible to target the specific hydration needs of each type.

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