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Hand Pumps

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Use hand pumps to transfer liquids such as acids, alkalinities, gasoline, diesel, and water between different containers. Find a pump suited for your needs, be it a plastic lever or rotary pump, to fit drums of various volumes. A variety of models can be purchased to suit many different tasks.

General Purpose
Versatility in a variety of settings stands as an important feature of hand pumps. Find hand pumps for different purposes that effortlessly handle almost any type of liquid. Whether for use in a garage, out in the field, or for jobs inside the home or workplace, the right hand pump can be essential in completing numerous tasks. Wear a pair of durable work gloves to get a good grip on the pump.

Rotary or Lever
The only thing that may trump versatility in a hand pump is ease of use. Rotary and lever models give users the option to choose how they use their hand pump. Rotary pumps allow for quick liquid transfer and extra comfort for those tackling larger jobs, and provide users with continuous and smooth transfer of liquids no matter the task. More traditional lever models provide more accuracy for smaller pump jobs, suiting those with lower-volume pumping needs.

Choice of Volume
Various pumps provide different amounts of volume transfer per number of pumps. The right hand pump can help in the efficiency of your liquid transferal process, whether you have low-volume pumping needs or are in need of a pump for high-volume tasks that require the quick transfer of liquids. Many pumps operate efficiently on high and low volume pumping jobs, eliminating the need for multiple pumps.

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Plews & Edelmann 55-161 Plastic Lever Barrel Pump
Item: 197553 / Model : 570-55-161
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  • Drum volume: 5 - 55 gal
  • Designated fluids: Water, water based chemicals, alcohol, kerosene, gas, diesel, petroleum based products, mild acid solutions, mild alkali solutions
  • Type: Standard
71.89 $71.89
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Plews & Edelmann 55-160 Plastic Lever Barrel Pump
Item: 197552 / Model : 570-55-160
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  • Volume at No. of strokes: 9 oz. at 1
  • Drum volume: 5 - 55 gal
  • Designated fluids: Water, alcohol, gas, diesel, kerosene, petroleum based products
51.49 $51.49
Plews & Edelmann 55-150 Plastic Rotary Barrel Pump
Item: 197551 / Model : 570-55-150
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  • Volume at No. of strokes: 7 gal at 100
  • Drum volume: 5 - 55 gal
  • Designated fluids: Acids, alkalines, gas, diesel, machine oil, water, alcohol, thinners, petroleum-based products
154.39 $154.39