Reamers & Deburring Tools

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Reamers and deburring tools ensure the metal that you cut and work is smooth and ready to be turned into a finished project. Deburring blades are sold individually or in 10-pack boxes. Each tool comes with a replacement blade so you always have a sharp instrument that can smooth rough surfaces and jagged edges.

Easy Grip
Deburring tools in the reamers and deburring tools category come with a 5-inch handle, making it easy for you to grip the tool while you're working to eliminate imperfections. Invest in a pair of industrial work gloves to protect your hands while you're handling hot metal.

Quality Craftsmanship
Reamers and deburring tools are made of quality materials that ensure the tools will last for years. Aluminum handles and blades made of hardened steel make it easier to get the job done right.

Portable Convenience
Deburring tools can fit in your pocket like a pen, so you can easily handle imperfections that you spot while you're out inspecting your employees' metalwork projects. These tools are the ideal solution for small problems that don't need a large sanding machine to fix.

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