Industrial Adhesives

Use fast-acting industrial adhesives to repair day-to-day mechanical wear, bind a variety of material, or renew eroded surfaces. Undo the occasional accident with strong, industrial-strength epoxy or protect against future damage with a weather-resistant sealant.

Capable of joining a wide variety of materials, from wood to plastics to metals, and even strong enough to bind steel to steel, these products are an integral part of industrial maintenance with many additional uses in the home. Whether you're using industrial adhesives to fix complex mechanical equipment, bind damaged surfaces, or undo the occasional household accident, you can depend on these high-performance compounds to hold together even under extreme distress.

Industrial adhesives allow anyone to accomplish major structural repairs to a plethora of material types, bind metal to metal, and even repair the wear on equipment affected by constant sliding abrasion. Use the same types of adhesives and epoxies that have been relied upon for high-stress situations in factory and processing applications for years. With fast-acting, abrasion-resistant compounds meant specifically for use on high-wear surfaces, almost any mechanical fix is possible.

The use of these products is encouraged for home repairs as much as industrial applications, but either way, it is important to take a few simple steps to be safe when using industrial adhesives. Always use some form of gloves to keep your hands covered when handling adhesives of this strength, and never let these compounds come into contact with the skin. If they can bind metal to metal, imagine what they can do to skin. Slipping on a simple pair of work gloves is enough to keep your hands protected and safe to work another day.

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