Specialty Tape

Specialty tape comes in different versions that help users do everything from creating permanent bonds to adding magnetic strips and packaging items in cold storage. Staples® carries a variety of tapes, tape measures, and office supplies that keep projects moving smoothly.

Understanding Specialty Tape Options
Choosing a tape requires an understanding of the project and the usage conditions for proper adhesion. Transfer tape lets the lettering in line for the adhering process. Pipe tape is thin and flexible, providing a seal at joints and connections that fill in the threads during the tightening process.

Masking tape features a strip of adhesive on one side that attaches firmly to most hard and soft surfaces. The strips let users create magnets out of photos and other items in the home or office. Magnetic tape provides a flexible bond for hanging signage, creating building displays, and attaching tools to specific work surfaces for easy accessibility. Foam tape is sticky on both sides and creates a strong bond that holds up to 2 pounds. The foam variety works well for sealing homes and reducing the need for using nails that can create air leaks.

Specialty Tape Materials for Different Projects
Many double sided tapes come in different materials that provide strong bonds or insulating characteristics. Rubber specialty adhesives let you attach wires and other electrical connections. Rubber tape often features self-sealing properties that protect against loosening, maintain strong connections, and insulate the wires for reduced arcing. Silicone and foam materials keep moisture out for additional sealing against the weather. Mastic tape is soft and flexible and lets you soften sharp edges and keep uneven joints smooth. These tapes are hand moldable and feature durable adhesives.

Does Specialty Tape Come in Different Adhesive Strengths?
Transfer and other types of tape are available in low, medium, and high-tack rates, ensuring an option that works with most substrates. Use high-tack levels for projects requiring strong, durable bonds. Low-tack rates are ideal for use in areas not exposed to the weather or that don't undergo extensive use.

Is There Specialty Tape for Different Temperature Applications?
Cold temperature duct tape includes a polypropylene backing that adds strength, along with an adhesive that maintains a strong bond in cold temperatures. Use this kind of tape when storing packages in refrigerators, freezers, and environments that aren't temperature controlled. Mastic, rubber, and silicone varieties withstand high temperatures without loosening or decreasing protection against electrical currents.

Is Specialty Tape Removable?
Most tape for specialty use provides strong, permanent bonds that maintain tight seals over time. People use the durable, high-tack adhesives for permanent applications, reducing the need for frequent repairs. Foam and other sealing types become stickier over time, improving the bond and making removal difficult. Use low-tack tape for projects requiring removable adhesives.

and airtight seals between exterior surfaces. It reduces the need for using nails and staples, lessening the number of potential air and water leaks over time. Using the foam variety allows for easy, precise application, and it eliminates the running and expanding that often occurs with liquid sealants.

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