Infection Control

Impede the spread of potentially dangerous biological material with infection control products. Use these products in your medical facility to keep surfaces used by patients safe and sanitary. Keep these products on hand at your gym, spa, or salon to wipe down areas and equipment after each use.

Effective Cleaning
Eliminate dangerous pathogens using infection control products, such as cleaners and wipes. Choose disposable options that take on the most dangerous bacteria and viruses to ensure patients leave your facility safe and healthy. Prevent cross-contamination in your dining establishment's kitchen and service area using cleaners designed for any nonporous surface.

Disinfect Surfaces
Keep germs and bacteria at bay using infection control products, such as disinfectants. Latex-free sprays and aerosols deliver germ-fighting power to your surfaces that don't irritate sensitive skin. Powerful bleach wipes and towels sanitize surfaces with just a swipe, making these options convenient to use in areas where time is of the essence. Keep these products close to your first aid station to clean up quickly after emergency wound care treatment, and choose alcohol-free options that work well on plastic surfaces without damaging their integrity.

Control Spills
Quickly contain biological material and other potentially hazardous pathogens using infection control products, such as spill kits. These handy kits provide everything you need to clear contaminated areas with ease, including personal protection equipment to prevent first responders from being infected. Choose options specifically geared toward blood-borne pathogens, or select simple solutions for minor issues that include disinfectants, wipes, and gloves. Combining your infection control options to one handy place lets your workers know where to go when accidents occur.