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Kanguru Interactive Media Corporation Dba Solution 500GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive, Black (KDH3B-500)
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Whether at home or in the office, safeguarding and backing up data is essential to many individuals and companies. With a Kanguru™ external hard drive, information is protected with advanced encryption and accessible through the universal USB 3.0 interface. Shoppers at Staples® can find an array of models with Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility.

Security Features Protect Against Hacking and Viruses
Individuals, agencies, and companies who deal with sensitive information have a variety of security measures at their fingertips. With 256-bit encryption, models such as the Kanguru Defender® HDD, stand up to rigorous systems set in place by government and healthcare facilities who have a high degree of sensitive information to secure. Many meet TAA, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX standards, making them valuable solutions for a multitude of clients. Add in the Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC) and owners can monitor their drives from around the world.

In addition to encryption measures, many Kanguru external hard drives come with antivirus protection in the form of software that scans in real time to alert the user and eliminate viruses quickly and efficiently. Those that come with tamper-proof housings render the internal chips inaccessible for added security.

Various Size Kanguru External Hard Drives Suit Multiple Users
Shoppers can find various hard drive models, each with their own storage capacity. Some come with 500GB while others have 2TB of space to store movies, pictures, digital graphics, and documents. Some of the models are compact, designed for taking on the go so users have access to files and data when traveling, while others work well as a desktop unit.

What Is Kanguru Remote Management Software?
Business and IT users who manage a large number of drives can benefit from the Kanguru Remote Management Console, a program that lets administrators track and run the hard drives from a single location. Users can choose to have one or many administrators who manage the drives and carry out many features such as disabling lost devices, customizing security settings, and running reports. It's a safeguard that helps manage sensitive data remotely or in-house.

What Security Level Certifications Does the Kanguru Defender HDD Line of Products Have?
Depending on the model you choose, the devices come with 256-bit AES encryption, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification, or a combination of both. The AES encryption safeguards sensitive information while the FIPS 140-2 Certification instills measures that protect against hacking, physically breaking through the housing, and unauthorized access.

Why Should Computer Users Have an External Hard Drive?
An external hard drive is beneficial in more ways than one. They're often small in size, which makes them portable and handy for business people or those who travel regularly for work. Additionally, if a computer's built-in hard drive crashes, it's possible to lose important information, especially if it's only stored in one location. Having the data backed up on an external drive limits this type of occurrence, keeping another copy of the files on hand. Since many brands offer a disaster recovery or cloud solution, it minimizes this risk.