Klutz Tissue Paper Crafts Book Kit (564777)

Item #: 1916956 | Model #: K564777

About this product

We've updated this traditional craft with a simple instruction system specifically created for kids that yields amazing results. Puffy pom-poms, funky tassels, tiny trees, wreaths, garlands... the range of projects is wonderfully varied. Of course, we include the granddaddy of all tissue paper crafts, flowers-- from daisies to daffodils to truly amazing peonies. Most exciting of all is a brand new addition to the tissue paper scene: fluffy little birds that may just be the cutest craft we've ever hatched.

  • Develop the freedom of crafts and creativity
  • Fold here, cut there, fluff it out all over and voila: it's a decoration that brings a fresh and modern pop of color to any space
  • Intended for ages 8 and up
  • 64 pages of instructions