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Craft Supplies

Secure cardboard, sewing, and art projects and add a sparkly touch with high quality and colorful craft supplies. Choose from bonding art glue and quick-drying ink pads to brightly colored craft sticks to construct and design gifts, personalized cards, and custom creations.

Washable Color Ink Pads
Color ink pads feature quick-drying, fade-proof ink for hours of stamping fun on cardboard or construction paper. Choose a safe, sturdy and colorful option with non-toxic ink and high-density foam pads that are ideal for stamping hands at event entrances.

Glitter Glue
Add sparkles to objects, artwork, or name tags without the worry of the colors staining your clothing or household furniture when using washable glitter glue. The high-density product bonds to any porous surface and washes out easily from most of your fabrics. Use alongside the Cra-Z-Art Deluxe 100 Piece Wooden Art Set with a rainbow of colorful markers, paints, and colored pencils for a masterpiece that goes beyond refrigerator art.

Carbonite Titanium Scissors
Get a sleek finish and sturdy support with carbonite titanium scissors sharp enough for sewing, scrapbooking, and meticulously-designed art projects. Ease the crafting process with blades harder than untreated steel and blades that stay sharper longer when cutting fabrics, papers, and plastics.

Assorted Foam Sheets
Delight the kids with colorful, assorted foam sheets to weave into hats, masks, book covers, or visors. Cut into any shape with scissors and layer to make magnets, mobiles, or jewelry. Assorted foam sheets feature 13 colors for every occasion, art project, or classroom activity. Choose a sturdy crafting structure in neon green, yellow, and pink or opt for traditional colors such as purple, orange, blue, and red.

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