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Con-Tact Clear Cover Craft Materials, Clear Matte 20F-C9AC12-06
Item #401015
Model #C9AC12-06
  • Self-adhesive covering offers a lightweight protection for your special projects
  • Made of vinyl
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X-Acto Z Series Precision Utility Knife, Silver (XZ3601W)
Item #34110
Model #XZ3601W
  • Material: Carbon steel blade, aluminum handle
  • Blade Width: 2 1/2"
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Armour 68500 Glass Etching Cream, 22Oz
Item #1717401
Model #68500
  • A fast-acting specially formulated glass etching compound that lets you create permanently etched designs on windows, mirrors and household glassware
  • Create your own custom glass etching stencil or use pre-cut stencils
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Creativity Street Craft Materials, Beige, 500/Box 3776-01Creativity Street Craft Materials, Beige, 500/Box 3776-01
Item #641742
Model #CKC377601
  • Jumbo craft sticks are ideal for any arts and crafts project
  • Designed in form of "tongue depressors"
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X-Acto® Z-Series #11 Stainless Steel Classic Fine Point Replacement Blade, 5/PackX-Acto® Z-Series #11 Stainless Steel Classic Fine Point Replacement Blade, 5/Pack
Item #34173
Model #XZ211
  • For delicate, precision cutting, trimming and stripping
  • Easily cuts paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate
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Staedtler School Geometry Kit Blue (550 60S3A6)
In store only
Item #574338
Model #550 60S3A6
  • Color: Blue, Material: Plastic
  • Contains plastic storage case, metal divider, metal compass, eraser, pencil, 6" protractor, 6" ruler, 2 triangles and a sharpener
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Color Splash® 1 oz. Glass Stain
Item #15456
Model #SG845
  • Capacity: 1 oz.
  • 10/Pack
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Crayola Project Giant Construction Paper, Assorted Colors, 48/Pack (99-0078)Crayola Project Giant Construction Paper, Assorted Colors, 48/Pack (99-0078)
Item #24430185
Model #99-0078
  • Construction paper with the stencil for home crafts and school projects
  • Stencil sheet comes with letters, numbers, and other useful designs with school projects in mind
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Craft Fluffs, White, Craft Supplies, 100 Pieces per Pack
Item #408802
Model #CK-6400
  • Similar to cotton balls
  • Contains 100 pieces per bag
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Chenille Kraft Company Regular Stems, Classroom Pack, Assorted Colors, Craft Supplies, 12" x 4mm, 1,000 Stems/Pk (911201X)
Item #477413
Model #911201X
  • Assorted colors
  • Includes 1,000 crush-resistant polyester stems
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Secure cardboard, sewing, and art projects and add a sparkly touch with high quality and colorful craft supplies. Choose from bonding art glue and quick-drying ink pads to brightly colored craft sticks to construct and design gifts, personalized cards, and custom creations.

Washable Color Ink Pads
Color ink pads feature quick-drying, fade-proof ink for hours of stamping fun on cardboard or construction paper. Choose a safe, sturdy and colorful option with non-toxic ink and high-density foam pads that are ideal for stamping hands at event entrances.

Glitter Glue
Add sparkles to objects, artwork, or name tags without the worry of the colors staining your clothing or household furniture when using washable glitter glue. The high-density product bonds to any porous surface and washes out easily from most of your fabrics. Use alongside our selection of art supplies and craft kits that include colorful markers, paints, and colored pencils for a masterpiece that goes beyond refrigerator art.

Carbonite Titanium Scissors
Get a sleek finish and sturdy support with carbonite titanium scissors sharp enough for sewing, scrapbooking, and meticulously-designed art projects. Ease the crafting process with blades harder than untreated steel and blades that stay sharper longer when cutting fabrics, papers, and plastics.

Assorted Foam Sheets
Delight the kids with colorful, assorted foam sheets to weave into hats, masks, book covers, or visors. Cut into any shape with scissors and layer to make magnets, mobiles, or jewelry. Assorted foam sheet supplies feature 13 colors for every occasion, art project, or classroom activity. Choose a sturdy crafting structure in neon green, yellow, and pink or opt for traditional colors such as purple, orange, blue, and red.

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