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Brentwood 3 in 1 Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener (TS-1002)
Item #24194740
Model #935102230M
  • Built-in guides for sport or kitchen knives, scissors and screwdrivers
  • 2 Stage sharpening for professional results
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Brentwood Brentwook Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener (TS-1001)
Item #24194741
Model #935102229M
  • Built-in guides for sport or kitchen knives
  • 2 Stage sharpening for professional results.
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Natico Professional Knife Sharpener Black (60-1510)Natico Professional Knife Sharpener Black (60-1510)
Item #2238148
Model #60-1510
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Two Stage Carbide and Ceramic
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Chef's Choice Scissor Pro Diamond Hone Electric Scissors Sharpener
Out of Stock
Item #20003647
Model #0150000
  • For sharpening your scissors without disassembling them
  • One year limited warranty
Keep knife sharpeners and scissor sharpeners on hand in your kitchen or office to keep blades well-honed and ready for use. Sharpeners from Chef's Choice and McGowan create razor-sharp edges that make everyday tasks easier. Make using a knife sharpener a regular part of blade maintenance.

Precision Sharpening
Angled sharpening surfaces on knife sharpeners and scissor sharpeners ensure precision when you're putting an edge on a blade. Classic designs offer the correct angle for traditional cooking knives, steak knives, scissors, and outdoor blades, while sharpeners and whet stones designed to work with Asian knives give you the ability to properly sharpen Japanese cutlery. Handheld sharpening whet stones let you completely control the angle, so you can use them with a wide range of blades.

Convenient Versatility
Unlike a whet stone, versatile knife and scissor sharpeners with multiple sharpening channels let you both hone and sharpen each blade to a factory-like edge. Models that can handle both smooth and serrated blades make it easy to sharpen all the knives in your kitchen using a single device. Diamond abrasives work with a range of knife materials, including carbon steel and stainless steel, and magnetic guides help you align each knife in the sharpener.

Ease of Use
Handheld knife sharpeners, scissor sharpeners, and whet stones are compact and easy to carry when you're taking your cutlery with you to an offsite event, or you can toss them into an apron pocket to use at your food preparation station when you're working in a large kitchen. Electric knife sharpeners speed up the sharpening process, improving efficiency when you're preparing multiple sets of commercial cutlery before the dinner rush begins.