Laboratory and Scientific Supplies

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Laboratory equipment is necessary for obtaining and analyzing accurate testing results and running experiments. Durable products stand up to exposure to chemicals and frequent use while meeting all safety standards. Staples® carries a variety of lab supplies and scientific equipment for work or educational use.

Types of Laboratory Supplies
These supplies measure and hold liquids and solids, store items, and can stand up well to heat and cold. They range from disinfecting wipes that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to gloves that keep the user safe. Pipettes and test tubes make it possible to test liquids and transfer samples to slides and test papers. Durable steel forceps provide a secure grip when removing splinters or stitches, while protective glasses prevent splatter and splashes from reaching the eyes. Beakers with pour edges make it possible to dispense liquids in a controlled manner, while specimen containers with secure lids keep samples from contamination while waiting for testing. Other types of supplies include timers, clocks, and stopwatches, which aid in the precise recording of time during experiments, and thermometers that come in both manual and digital designs for recording the temperature of both the environment and liquids during testing.

Choosing Science Lab Supplies for Projects
Make a list of possibly needed supplies before starting any testing or project. Quality devices and scientific supplies keep a lab productive and encourage a smooth workflow. Research brand-name options for quality and reliability. Look for user-friendly products like pop-up gloves that dispense one at a time, and consider those with holders that mount in convenient locations for easy reach. Look for safety-coated materials to prevent injury, and always go with those that meet industry standards. Choose rubberized stoppers in all different sizes to keep blood and other liquids secure, and include cleaning products in your supplies list, like beaker brushes, to keep equipment clean, sterile, and in good working condition.

Is It Possible to Reuse Laboratory Supplies?
Some supplies made from ceramic, glass, and rubber are often reusable provided they are adequately cleaned and sterilized after each use. Gloves and paper products are usually disposable and best purchased in bulk to keep an adequate supply on hand.

What Are Test Tube Lab Supplies Commonly Used For?
Test tubes transfer chemicals safely from one location to another and provide the safe handling of liquids during experiments and analysis. Most lab glass contains borosilicate, which can go straight from the freezer to the oven and then back again without cracking or shattering. It also has a high melting point, so it stays clear and strong when exposed to temperatures as high as 515 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Industries Benefit From Lab Supplies?
A wide variety of industries require laboratory supplies in order to remain compliant with health and safety standards. Water treatment facilities use test tubes, pipettes, and pH strips to test the quality of water. Medical industries use supplies to collect specimens from patients and to store blood and chemicals. Food processing companies use gloves for the safe handling of meats and perishables. School science classes require a selection of laboratory equipment and supplies to perform experiments in the classroom.

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