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Surgilube® Lubricating Jelly
Item #325983
Model #LUBE102400
  • Sterile Bacteriostatic Blend of Natural Water-Soluble Gums Provides Persistent Lubrication for Easy Insertion of Catheters, Endoscopes, Surgical Instruments, Gloves Etc
  • Forms A Transparent, Crystal Clear Film That Won't Cloud Optics
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Select ready-to-use individual packets to distribute a pre-measured amount of lubricating jelly to patients. Sterile and latex-free lubricants help keep the medical lubricants safe for most patients to use during treatment.

Many patients have allergies to latex and need to be careful about the supplies they come in contact with. Because lubricating jelly is generally applied to sensitive areas, having a latex-free alternative is important. Patients with latex allergies do not need to worry about irritating their skin while using these products.

Easy to Spread Formulas
Medical lubricants are designed to be easy to apply to different surfaces. Many formulas are designed to be spread over synthetic and skin surfaces and then easily washed off when the lubrication is no longer required. This makes for a more practical application that can be used on a wider range of instruments or gloves.

Stay Sterile
Special formulas help keep the area clean and free of external factors, such as bacteria or germs. This makes lubricating jelly perfect for instruments intended for insertion. Sterile formulas are ideal for use in medical environments that need to avoid contaminants. Lighter, more natural formulas also allow for an easier clean-up and less likely to bother patients.

Pre-Portioned Sizes
Each packet has a small amount of jelly, allowing you to avoid carrying large jars from room to room. Patients can also be given a small amount of lubricating jelly if they need to apply it at home. This helps to cut down on waste and makes it easier to distribute the proper amount of lubricating jelly each time it is required in the doctor's office or a home care setting.