Medical Practice Furniture

Discover practical, attractive medical practice furniture for your waiting room that sets the right tone for your practice while providing durability and comfort. Outfit your exam room with useful instrument trays and footstools. Select a stylish exam room stool to facilitate patient care.

Comfort in the Waiting Room
Outfit your waiting room with chairs that provide comfort and support for patients who aren't feeling their best. Choose from leather, faux leather, or fabric chairs to match the style of your medical office. Opt for comfortable sofas and love seats to allow families to sit together or children to nestle up with their parents in the unfamiliar environment of a doctor's office.

Practical Seating in the Exam Room
Choose a wheeled exam room stool for ease of movement and practical communication with your patients. Height-adjustable stools work either with screw adjustments that delight the patients of pediatricians or practical pneumatic adjustments that let health care practitioners set their preferred height with the touch of a lever. Add an extra waiting room chair or two to give patients, their parents, and their caregivers a comfortable place to sit during an office visit.

Exam Room Efficiency
Convenient footstools make it possible for all your employees to reach supplies on top shelves. Choose a scooter stool with retractable casters and locking wheels for additional safety. Exam room instrument stands and trays put everything you need to care for your patients within arm's reach. Keep all the tools you need to work with close at hand with tray tables, and use the shelves underneath these tables to stow extra exam room supplies.