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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Variety Pack White Scrubber Set, 6/Pack (80393)
Item #180334
Model #80393
  • Set can be used for everyday cleaning, to remove light soil, scuff marks, and black heel marks
  • Comes in white, while its abrasive foam construction is made of melamine polymer
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable White Scrubbers, 4/Pack (82038)Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable White Scrubbers, 4/Pack (82038)
Item #801695
Model #82038
  • Scrubber can be used wet or dry to scrub kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings, desks
  • Comes in white, while its abrasive foam construction is made of melamine polymer
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro White Scrubber, 7/Pack (83906)
Item #48444
Model #83906
  • Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic — give new life to grimy surfaces outside your house
  • Comes in white, while its abrasive foam construction is made of melamine polymer
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Melamine sponges make many difficult cleaning tasks easy. They may remove crayon marks, take stains out of countertops, and keep kitchen appliances looking new. Sponges are available in different sizes and formulations to accommodate every type of surface and cleaning job. With Staples® listings, it’s easy to compare melamine sponges and decide which one is right for the home or office.

Melamine Sponges Use Water to Deep Clean Surfaces
With standard foam sponges, users need soap to get germs and stains out of surfaces. Sponges with melamine don’t need anything beyond water. Rather than using polyurethane or cellulose, both of which absorb water and loosen stains from surfaces, these products use melamine foam. Each sponge has thousands of tiny scrubbing surfaces. These surfaces work like sandpaper, scratching stains off surfaces. The scrubbers are very small, so they don’t damage surfaces like more abrasive scouring pads can.

Use Melamine Sponges on a Variety of Surfaces
Melamine foam sponges work on hard, dense surfaces. They aren’t ideal for surfaces that are polished, painted, or easily scratched. On these surfaces, they lift color and strip materials down. They are optimal on doors, countertops, bathtubs, stainless steel, and rubber. Before fully cleaning an untested surface, use light pressure on it with the melamine foam to verify its safety.

Specialized Melamine Sponges Are Ideal for Heavy-Duty Cleaning
With light pressure, melamine foam sponges tackle light cleaning tasks with minimal effort. With a little more pressure, these cleaning tools save time on major cleaning jobs. The tiny scrubbers on the sponge absorb water and dig into stains and grime, eradicating mess in minimal time. These sponges are also extremely porous, so they can absorb a lot of dirt before needing a rinse. Since they work on surfaces that are too hard for standard sponges, they are a convenient addition to any cleaning supply closet.

What Size Options Are Available for Melamine Sponges?
Brands make melamine foam sponges in several sizes, making it easy for users to accommodate detailed tasks or clean large areas with one sponge. Standard melamine sponges are similar in size to cellulose sponges, measuring 4.6 x 2.4 inches. The largest options are twice the size of a standard sponge. Smaller options include both square and rectangular sponges.

Are Melamine Sponges Available in Bulk?
Since melamine foam sponges last longer than sponges that use other materials, they come in smaller packages than cellulose or polyurethane sponges. Small boxes include just two sponges. These packages suit home use and small offices that require occasional cleaning. Larger homes, multi-room offices, and cleaning companies benefit from larger packages. Options range from six to eight sponges per package. Some melamine foam sponge cleaning supplies are part of Staples Auto Restock, which automates the reordering process for frequently used items.

Do Melamine Sponges Work for Outdoor Cleaning?
Since melamine sponges use hard scrubbers, they are the optimal choice for outdoor cleaning jobs. Some brands produce melamine foam sponges specifically for outdoor use. These options are stronger and denser than standard melamine foam. They work well on gutters, house siding, grills, tire rims, tools, and other surfaces.