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Metallic Fans

Metal fans are made from steel or aluminum and are designed for both personal and commercial use. Metal fans are more durable and stronger than ones made of plastic. At Staples®, you'll find a selection of tower fans, window fans, and air conditioning units.

The Strength of Metal Fans
Air fans made entirely from steel are built to last. White fans will also last much longer than plastic. Plastic degrades over time and often becomes stuck from dust clogging up the motor. Fans made of metal rotate easily, and many are self-lubricating to avoid becoming stuck. Metal is also stronger so it can push air faster and more efficiently than plastic.

Understanding the Power of Metal fans: CFM, Static Pressure, and Air Flow Efficiency
CFM (cubic feet per minute) is how much air the fan pushes out to fill a room. Put simply, it is the amount of airflow. Static pressure is the amount of friction created as the air moves through the workings of the fan which can reduce air flow. Airflow efficiency is how well the fan works compared to how much power is needed. An air flow efficient fan has high CFM with little power usage.

The material of fans doesn’t affect these factors. They depend on motor’s power, blade length, blade shape, and blade pitch. However, since metal blades are heavier, they require a stronger motor to move efficiently. A strong motor is one of the most important requirements of a high power fan.

How Size Affects Metal Fans
Fans come in many sizes from personal desktop fans with a 4-inch diameter to commercial fans for factories or gymnasiums with a 20-inch diameter. Usually, the bigger the fan, the higher the CFM and air flow efficiency. However, a smaller fan with a stronger motor or different blade pitch can have a higher CFM than a fan with a weaker motor. Larger metal fans tend to be quieter than smaller ones because the blades push out more air and require less power to do so.

What Is the Formula to Determine CFM for a Room When Purchasing a Metal Fan?
The formula to determine optimal CFM for a room is the total cubic feet of the room multiplied by the air exchange amount and that number divided by 60.
To determine the cubic feet of the room multiply length, width, and height. The air exchange amount is how often you want the air to turn over in an hour. A simple universal number is five times per hour.

Should a Metal Fan Have a Grill?
Most fans come with a metal or plastic grill that covers the blades. Some fans do not, especially commercial fans. It is highly recommended to put a grill on all metals fans, and especially those that will be around children.

What Are the Steps to Properly Oil a Metal Fan?
If a fan isn’t working properly or is old and needs some TLC, then a little oil can make a big difference. Many metal fans have oil ports for SAE 20 non-detergent oil. It is also possible to coat the motor with lightweight lubricant spray.
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