Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS is a portable device that lets you take gaming and entertainment almost anywhere. Its unique dual-screen design has both familiar handheld game console controls and a touchscreen that provides additional navigation and gameplay options. There's a broad range of games available for the 2DS console, and it can also play games from other platforms. Staples carries Nintendo 2DS games and consoles, as well as a selection of accessories for this gaming platform.

Take Games Anywhere
Gamers can use the 2DS to take their fun on the road and share their experiences with friends. It has built-in Wi-Fi that supports multiplayer games as well as Nintendo's unique StreetPass and SpotPass systems, which lets users share their Miis, high scores and game data or download new content from Nintendo Zone locations. A 400 x 240 resolution LCD screen shows off games in brilliant color, and Augmented Reality features blur the line between your games and the real world.

These devices have an SD card slot, a convenient storage option for saving games and user data. Content controls let parents limit their children's access to features such as image sharing, web browsing or the Nintendo online store. The 2DS is light and small, so it easily fits in a pocket or bag. It weighs just 9 ounces and is 5 inches high, 5.6 inches wide and 0.8 inches thick. A rechargeable battery pack provides hours of gaming power, and a selection of charger accessories let users plug in at home or on the road.

Nintendo 2DS Games For Any Player
Games for this console include role-playing and adventure games that let players explore new worlds, sports and racing simulations, with something to please and challenge competitive gamers and casual puzzlers alike. These products feature familiar Nintendo characters such as Kirby and Mario and include franchises such as Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. While many 2DS games come in the familiar cartridge format, some products are available as direct downloads from Nintendo's online store.

In addition to playing 2DS games, this console is also compatible with cartridges from other Nintendo systems. It can play any 3DS game although some 3D video features may no be supported. The 2DS is also compatible with select games from the original DS, so you can relive past gaming glories whenever you like.

More Than Just Games
The Nintendo 2DS console is more than just a gaming platform. It has two cameras, which let users capture 3D movies or photos. Use the device's wireless connection to stream movies from services such as Netflix or YouTube or browse the web. You can also share Mii characters with friends or other Nintendo fans, or customize your 2DS's appearance with unique themes.

Nintendo's 2DS system and games combine portability and fun. The broad range of available games and the ability to play titles from other platforms offers plenty of variety for any gamer, and the lightweight device is easy to take almost anywhere. Shop the 2DS products available at Staples and enjoy the entertainment options they provide.