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Whether at home or in the workplace, having a place to record notes is essential to staying on track. Steno pads come in various sizes and make it easy to jot down training instructions or a grocery list. Staples carries its own brand of notepads as well as others including Ampad, TOPS, and Rediform.

Steno Pads Come With Handy Features
Most steno pads have Gregg ruling with a line that separates the paper down the middle. You can choose to write across the entire sheet, or use it as two separate sections to take detailed notes, terminology or create a detailed list. Others kinds of graph pads have a project ruled layout with separate sections for notes, summary, and cues, similar to the Cornell note-taking method. With a wired binding at the top, it's possible to flip between pages easily and flip the entire unit over to write on both the front and back of the paper. Additionally, the pages often have a perforated top that makes removing individual or multiple pages seamless.

Steno Pads Come In Several Sizes and Colors
While many memo pads come with a plain cardboard cover, some have different solid color or decorative covers to make it easy to differentiate between school subjects, work tasks, and personal use. The sheet colors can differ, as well, with popular options in white, yellow and green among other hues. Choose between 6 x 9-inch notepads or 8.5 x 11-inch notepads for more room.

Are Steno Pads Eco-Friendly Options?
Shoppers looking for eco-friendly options will find that many steno pads come with recycled sheets and cardboard covers. They contain post-consumer content, and users can recycle the notebooks when they're finished with them. Additionally, even if shoppers opt to buy the notepads without any post-consumer content, the pages and cardboard are still sustainable options that can go in the recycling bin.

How Can You Keep Steno Pads in Order?
If you work in a busy office, steno pads make an excellent solution while you're training and learning new programs and tasks. If you find that you're using multiple notebooks, it can be challenging to keep them in order. One way to distinguish the contents is to use the blank lines on the cover to indicate the chronological order. You can also make up labels or a table of contents to place inside the cover for reference. Store them in a filing cabinet or a drawer to keep them organized.

Can You Buy Steno Pads in Bulk For the Office?
Yes, because they make such a good training tool for new employees to write down their tasks, they're widely used in the office environment. Shoppers can buy these handy notebooks in individual or bulk units, depending on specific needs. Purchase them in a set of 6 or 12 units, and store extras in the supply room until needed. Businesses that go through message pads quickly can opt to sign up for the auto restock program which delivers office supplies at specified intervals to ensure stock never runs out.