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PS4 accessories help enhance gameplay, giving users more options and precise control over the game. Popular accessories from PlayStation and third party collaborators include controllers, headsets, charging docks and cables. Shop Staples to make the most of your gaming experience and immerse yourself in fun.

Get More Precision with PS4 Controllers
PS4 controllers come in wired and wireless configurations, giving users a choice between full connectivity and freedom of movement. Each unit features the same key structure for familiarity while playing. On the face of the controller, A, B, X and Y-buttons, and directional keys help carry out specific functions while the thumbsticks and top trigger buttons have quick responsiveness to improve accuracy. Upload screenshots or videos, or choose to stream your sessions live with the share button. Controllers also have a 3.5mm jack to connect a headset and a capacitive touchpad that offers increased directional precision.

If you opt for a wireless unit, consider a standalone charger dock to place it on between sessions. Not only does it ensure you have enough battery power for your next marathon, it keeps remotes centralized, reducing the risk of misplaced units. The media remote connects to the PS4 console via Bluetooth, but also works with TVs, audio receivers and cable boxes to navigate through menus and special apps.

Hear and See Better with Headsets and Glasses
PS4 headsets let you play games in private, internalizing the sound. They come in on-ear and over-the-ear designs with wired or wireless options. Some have a retractable microphone that you can flip up out of the way when not in use, or a hidden unit that has noise-canceling technology for clear communication. The models PlayStation offers come with 7.1 virtual surround sound capability and have custom audio modes so you can set it to your specified preferences. They have comfortable head and ear padding for improved ergonomics during long sessions, and some models let you change the faceplates for personalization.

Companies like GUNNAR Optiks offer ergonomic gaming eyewear with special anti-glare coatings and tinted lenses that block out a blue light emitting from the screen. These help to eliminate the risk of eye strain or injury due to constant exposure. They come in several sizes and styles, including sunglasses, to suit individual tastes.

Become Part of the Action with Virtual Reality
Virtual reality puts the player in the center of the action, through the use of a specialized headset. PlayStation VR works in combination with the PlayStation camera and the PS4 console for a plug-and-play operation. Users will see a 5.7-inch OLED screen with high-definition resolution and with the 3D Audio feature, they'll hear everything around them too, mimicking a real-life experience. The headset is designed with comfort in mind so that players can enjoy the game without the added weight.

The PlayStation camera has sensors that track movement, whether you're gesturing with your hands or moving your head to peek around a corner in a game. Users can create profiles and automatically login with the facial recognition software. It also operates as a controller, making it easy to participate in dancing and fitness games without a handheld device.

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