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Parrot MiniDrone Swing w/ Flypad (PF727003)
Out of Stock
Item #2454480
Model #PF727003
  • Dual Flight mode (Quad/Plane): designed for aerial acrobatics and high-speed racing with friends
  • Achieve speeds up to 19mph in plane mode
Parrot Battery Charger and LiPo Battery for Select MiniDrones (PF070182)
Out of Stock
Item #2456453
Model #PF070182
  • 550mAh LiPo Battery
  • Works with Jumping Night, Jumping Race
A Parrot drone makes it easy to capture aerial views and footage nearly anywhere using a smartphone or tablet to guide them. They come in varying sizes with an array of advanced features that command crisp images and videos, seamless navigating and simple storage solutions. Powerful processors increase efficiency whether you're using the drone to scout out a potential construction site, check the health of your plants in the field, or simply for casual use to explore the area around you.

Enjoy Easy Connectivity and Navigation
Many Parrot drones generate their own wireless network and have single or dual-band antennas that pick up the different frequencies. Those with more antennas benefit from an extended range and stronger signals.

Part of navigating is having a clear view of the ground below, and a wide-angle lens can help. Some models have up to 180-degree vertical views, letting you see the surrounding view as well as the view directly beneath the device. You can operate the drone from your smartphone or tablet, with the help of clear HD images. Use your fingers to direct it to your desired location and command it to take off, land or, with select models, even flip. In the event of a collision, whether with a person, animal or inanimate object, the propellers automatically lock to prevent injury. With a built-in GPS, the drone returns to you at the end of the session or at the push of a button.

Experience True Piloting
Those looking to mimic a true pilot experience will appreciate the select models that come with a full flight simulator with two hand controls that let you take pictures, navigate the drone, take off, land and record videos. These models have an adjustable dock for a smartphone or tablet, and can accommodate devices measuring up to 10.6 inches. If you choose not to use a device, you can still navigate these models with the Skycontroller or First Person View (FPV) glasses, which give you a pilot's viewpoint while you're navigating.

Travel Further for Longer
When you're out in the field, time passes quickly and it's always a concern for those who operate battery-powered drones. Parrot's models range in life from 22 to 50 minutes and travel up to a speed of 40 MPH in horizontal flight. The range varies between models up to a maximum of 1.2 miles.

Conduct Business and Gardening Tasks
Some Parrot drone models are designed solely with business capabilities in mind. They have specialty software that lets you switch between high-definition (HD) pictures and thermal imaging. Identify issues with a building's structure with 2D and 3D mapping features. Infrared lights come in handy to determine the health of plants in a field, offering a suitable option for those in the farming industry. They can also help with fertilization, pesticide and irrigation issues, as well as help determine crop yield.

Do More with In-App Purchases
While most Parrot drone models require an app, some offer additional in-app purchases that expand capabilities. Director Mode, for example, puts the control completely in your hands, with features that let you adjust movement and speed, a stabilization system for smooth movements and tune important camera settings for the best picture possible. Create a video and post it on YouTube or other social media sites to share with others.

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