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Pentel® Recycled Handy-Lines Slim Retractable Highlighters, 4/Pack (SXS15BPS4M)

Item #: 698067 | Model #: SXS15BPS4M
Pentel® Recycled Handy-Lines Slim Retractable Highlighters, 4/Pack (SXS15BPS4M)
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Product ID: 698067
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About this product
Pentel® Handy-lines retractable highlighters come in a pack of four bright colors that make it easy to highlight text.

Pentel Handy-lines retractable highlighters take some of the chore out note-taking by enabling you to color-code text in a variety of vibrant shades. The highlighters feature a chisel tip with both a fine and wide point so that you can either underline or completely highlight text when marking up your notes. The pens deliver fast-drying ink, ensuring that your papers remain neat and free of distracting smudges. With the convenient retractable design, there's no fiddling with caps, and the ink remains moist and free flowing.

  • Four bright ink colors provide variety and dry instantly for smudge-free use
  • Features a chisel tip with both a fine and wide point for versatile use
  • 4 per pack for an assortment of vivid colors
  • Made from a minimum of 54% recycled post-consumer plastic for an eco-friendly design
  • Chisel tip features a push top design to keep ink from drying out
  • AP-certified to ensure nontoxic material
  • Assorted Ink provides color options for highlighting text
  • Quick ink flow makes it easy to create vibrant highlights
  • Advanced seal technology keeps the tip moist and ready to use
  • Slim barrel design is comfortable with a lightweight feel
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures long-lasting use

Compact Design
Gone are the days of having to use wide, hard-to-hold highlighters. With the Pentel Handy-lines highlighters, you can enjoy the comfort of a barrel design that's slim and lightweight. The compact design of these highlighters makes it easy to pack them in a briefcase or satchel for on-the-go use.

Keep your papers, books and other materials tidy with these handy highlighter pens that dry instantly, ensuring that you don't end up with smudges. With its moist tip, the highlighters easily glide across paper, leaving behind vivid highlights and no messy blotches.

Eco-Friendly Design
You can feel confident that you're using an environmentally friendly product with these highlighters, as they're created from material that has a minimum of 54 percent recycled post-consumer plastic. The pens are also AP-certified, which signifies a nontoxic product that's safe for the office.