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No matter who or what you care for, reach for petroleum jelly several times a day. Moisturize your hands, soothe cuts or burns, and relieve diaper rash with this versatile product. It's also useful for quick repairs, cleanups, and other everyday tasks.

First-Aid and Body Care
Petroleum jelly seals moisture in, keeping injuries safe from germs and helping hurt spots heal faster. Use it to relieve itchy, burned, blistered, or cracked skin and to prevent chapping and chafing. Take gentle care of babies' delicate skin, make windburn feel better, and protect and soothe skin wherever needed.

Beauty and Grooming
Use petroleum jelly to protect your sensitive skin from harsh hair chemicals, treat an itchy scalp, eliminate hair frizz, keep eyebrows looking tidy, or soothe your nose during a cold. Smooth rough elbows and heels, remove false lashes or mascara, treat brittle nails, soften pesky cuticles, and more.

Close at Hand
Like vinegar, baking soda, and baby wipes, petroleum jelly is one of those versatile products with hundreds of uses. Keep it close by in first-aid kits, purses or pockets, desk or junk drawers, and toolboxes, too. Keep a container of petroleum jelly beside the baby's diaper changing table, one in the garage, and one in the medicine cabinet.

Indispensable at Home and at Work
If you have a jar that doesn't open, shower curtain rings that refuse to slide, or a squeaky office chair use petroleum jelly as a lubricant to separate what's stuck, silence annoying equipment, prevent corrosion, and safely clean and shine many surfaces. You can even use it to prolong the health of a carved pumpkin.

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