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Photo Paper Supplies

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Printing technology has made it easier to print faster and more clearly, allowing customers to maximize the productivity of their printers. Customers can enjoy professional-level photo printing with photo printers, photo paper and pigment-rich ink.

At Staples, you can find paper that is compatible with a range of photo printers.

Different Levels of Paper Thickness Improve Print Durability

Many occasions call for photo printing. Thin paper is ideal for high-volume printing, while thick paper provides the durability of canvas. Photo paper starts at 8 millimeters thick, with paper from certain brands as thick as 11 millimeters.

Achieve Different Photo Effects with Glossy and Matte Paper

Companies create photo printing paper in various finishes. Matte paper offers a smooth finish with no glare or reflection.

Paper with a satin finish features a slight sheen. Satin paper is the same as luster and semi-gloss paper. Glossy paper offers the same effect as commercially printed photos.

Print Photos of all Sizes with Paper Options

Most photo printing paper comes in the standard paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches. However, there are options for customers who need to print larger or smaller pictures.

Photo paper that is 4 x 6 inches fits standard photos, which is ideal for customers who only print one photo at a time. This paper size is also suitable for compact photo printers. With paper as large as 13 x 19 inches, users can print multiple pictures on one sheet of paper and cut them down to size.

Choose the Right Professional Photo Paper

Each printer has its own limitations. Using photography paper that fits within these constraints prolongs the life of a printer and maintains print quality. With the variety of paper thickness measurements, dimensions and finishes, customers can easily find paper that delivers high-quality photos and works well with their specific model of printer.

Individual Paper and Rolls of Paper Provide Options

Whether customers print photos for business or personal reasons, there are paper options that deliver value and reliability.
Individual sheets of paper, ranging from 4 x 6 to 13 x 19 inches, meet the needs of customers who occasionally print photos.

Rolls of photo paper reduce paper waste and accommodate photos of varying sizes, making them a suitable choice for businesses and those who print photos on a daily basis.

Maximize Print Durability and Longevity

Photography paper is considerably thicker than conventional multipurpose paper. Multipurpose paper generally has a paper weight of 20 pounds while photo printing paper ranges from 28 to 125 pounds.

The greater weight of photography paper minimizes the risk of crinkling and maintains paper quality. Photos have extremely high printing resolutions, which means that they use more ink per inch than typed documents.

Professional photo paper can absorb that amount of ink without weakening. Many paper manufacturers produce acid-free photo printing paper, which keeps photos strong and bright for years.

Photo printing paper gives customers a way to print their own cherished images at home. Search the wide range of photo printing paper options at Staples to find paper that fits your specific printer's capabilities.
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