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Polyester Sponges

Polyester sponges make cleaning easy and efficient. They are ideal for use anywhere in the home from the kitchen to the bathroom. These sponges are also suitable for cleaning cars, boats, and garden furniture, as well as all-around use in offices. The sponges are tough and firm enough to withstand high resistance and won't easily pull apart. Use them alongside hand brushes or hand pads. Staples® carries a range of polyester sponge products and other cleaning supplies from 3M™ Scotch-Brite®, Mr. Clean®, and Carlisle®.

Features of Polyester Sponges
Polyester and nylon sponges are popular cleaning aids, as they are highly efficient and absorbent. They are also durable and stay soft even when dry. The microporous products enable long-term use while being resistant to organic solvents and regular wash and wear. The close cellular structure provides a consistency that allows minimal detergent usage while cleaning, without retaining all the dirt. These products have a long lifespan.

Uses for Polyester Sponges
Polyester sponge products are very practical items for kitchens, office break rooms, workshops, and factories. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available to suit the individual needs. Use the softer absorbent sponges for washing cars and surfaces that easily scratch and that require gentler cleansing. Cleaning tools with abrasive surfaces are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing, such as removing caked-on mud or grime from equipment and tools.

What Are the Benefits of Polyester Sponges?
These cleaning tools are effective and highly durable. They dry quickly and are resistant to mildew. They are strong and don't easily tear or shred. These sponges never get hard and they are compatible with most cleaning products. Some contain antibacterial properties, and most models are machine-washable, letting you safely and hygienically wash and reuse them. They are gentle on surfaces and adaptable for getting into corners and other hard-to-reach spots.

How Do You Keep Polyester Sponges Clean?
The best way to clean these tools is to rinse them in hot water after every use. After a sufficient rinse, wring out the sponges and place them in a well-ventilated area when they can thoroughly dry out. For a good cleaning, another option is placing them in the washing machine. Depending on how often you use the product, how you use it, and the type of sponge in question, they need replacing every few weeks.

Can You Recycle Polyester Sponges?
Most recycling facilities do not accept these used cleaning products, but if you are not keen to tossing them in the garbage bin, there are various uses you can find for them. Reuse them as cushioning grips on garden tools, as bicycle pedal pads, as packing material, or for art painting projects. Another useful function for old pads is to glue them under furniture or appliances to prevent scuffing on the floor.

What Purchasing Options Are Available for Polyester Sponges?
These cleaning products are available individually packaged or in packs of three, six, or eight. For offices or homes that require larger quantities, some brands package them in bulk, offering 10 or more items per package.
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