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Primera Blank Media

Turn your business seminars into lessons participants will be eager to share and revisit by burning them onto Primera TuffCoat™ discs. TuffCoat blank media has printable surfaces that are also highly water resistant. You can make lasting impressions with these durable discs by printing colorful graphics on their surfaces. Staples® carries a good selection of TuffCoat discs and other printable blank media from other brands.

Make Custom Discs With Primera TuffCoat Media
The TuffCoat line includes recordable CDs and DVDs for storing digital contents like video, audio, photo, and software files. Primera supplies them in stacks of 50 and 100 discs. The CD-R discs have a capacity of 700MB while the DVD-R options can hold 4.7GB of data. Each blank one has a printable surface optimized for inkjet printers. The surface allows for a high print quality and renders sharp text and vivid colors faithfully. A water-resistant top layer preserves graphics printed on the surface and ensures that your custom design will not fade for many years. It is also a fast-drying surface that is resistant to smudges and smears.

TuffCoat discs have two types of surfaces: matte and glossy. Matte models are available in white and silver finishes. Besides preserving the looks of printed covers, TuffCoat discs also protect the data they hold thanks to their fully sealed inner and outer edges. This feature prevents the oxidation of the underlying material.

Create Archival Media With Primera TuffCoat Plus Discs
In addition to regular TuffCoat discs, Primera also makes another line of blank media with water-resistant surfaces that last longer. Known as TuffCoat Plus, this premium product line is ideal for digital archival purposes. The Primera CD-R and DVD-R discs in this series offer higher print quality and lower reject rates than the ones in the regular lineup. They can preserve recorded data for longer than 50 years. TuffCoat Plus blank media is only available with a matte finish and comes in stacks of 100 discs.

How Does Primera TuffCoat WaterShield™ Surface Differ from Its AquaGuard™ Counterpart?
Both types of disc surfaces offer water resistance and have sealed edges that prevent rusting. TuffCoat discs with WaterShield surfaces have a reflective gloss finish while the AquaGuard surface is for discs with matte finishes.

What Are the Write Speeds of Primera TuffCoat Discs?
Primera CD-R discs with TuffCoat surfaces have a maximum write speed of 52x while TuffCoat Plus CD-R discs have 48x write speed. For TuffCoat DVD-R discs, those with WaterShield protection can write data at 16x while AquaGuard models have a maximum write speed of 8x. TuffCoat Plus DVD-R media write files at 16x speed.

Are Primera TuffCoat Discs Hub-Printable?
Yes. Hub-printable is a term that describes the ability to write data up to the center of a disc. Some blank discs have borders around their centers that cannot hold recordable data. These buffer rings reduce the capacities of such media. With their completely writable surfaces, TuffCoat discs have no such borders.

Can You Erase and Reuse Primera TuffCoat Discs?
No. Blank TuffCoat CD-R and DVD-R media are recordable and not rewritable discs. You can only burn data on them once.
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Primera TuffCoat Plus 53378 700 MB CD-R Spindle, 100/Pack
Item : IM1J26784 / Model : 53378
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  • CD-R allows you to write once, and secures your data permanently
  • 48x write speed offers swift data transfer
  • Can save up to 700 MB of data or up to 80 mins of audio
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Primera TuffCoat 53387 700 MB CD-R Spindle, 50/Pack
Item : IM1J88868 / Model : 53387
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  • CD-R allows you to write once, and secures your data permanently
  • 52x write speed for swift data transfer
  • Can save up to 700 MB of data or up to 80 mins of audio
48.79 $48.79
Primera 53341 TuffCoat 50MB 24x CD Recordable Media, Spindle, 100/Pack
Item : IM1665986 / Model : 53341
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  • TuffCoat CD recordable media
  • Max write speed: 24x
  • Storage capacity: 50 MB
131.49 $131.49