Quartet Dry Erase Whiteboards

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Quartet whiteboards are useful for a range of home and business purposes, such as tracking project milestones, planning vacations and writing down shopping lists. Whether you're running a busy household or managing a sales staff, whiteboards make it easy to stay on top of every task. Staples carries a large selection of quality dry erase boards, markers and whiteboard accessories from Quartet and other top brands.

Choose From a Variety of Quartet Whiteboard Styles and Sizes to Suit Every Need
Quartet whiteboard products are available in several sizes, suiting a variety of work environments. Many boards feature aluminum, wood or graphite frames that coordinate with a range of home and office furnishings, mounting easily to walls and other flat surfaces using basic tools and hardware.

Users have a choice of several board styles, including basic white writing surfaces, black dry erase boards, chore charts, grid panels and lined project planner styles. Those requiring a more secure option may want to opt for a lockable cabinet whiteboard that conveniently closes up at the end of the day, keeping trade secrets and conceptual sketches safely hidden away between uses.

Several Types of Writing Surfaces for Occasional and Heavy-Duty Use
Quartet dry erase boards come with a range of writing surfaces to suit everyday and heavy-duty purposes. Melamine whiteboards work well for infrequent home and business use, providing solid dent resistance along with basic ghosting, scratch and stain resistance. These entry-level models are ideal for jotting down quick notes, phone messages and daily to-do lists.

Moderate use models offer improved resistance to wear and tear with a lower maintenance writing surface, making them a popular choice for professional use. Select models feature a magnetic surface so users can display blueprints and illustrations for quick reference during group brainstorming sessions. Glass and porcelain boards are designed for heavy-duty needs, providing long-lasting durability and wear resistance for years of extensive use. These premium-quality boards are perfect for classrooms, lecture halls and conference rooms.

Combination Boards Offer Messaging Flexibility
Select whiteboard models feature cork board or fabric message boards so users can tack on paper notes, memos or photos. These combination boards are ideal for kitchens, break rooms, cubicle walls, teacher's lounges and other high-traffic areas.

How is Permanent Marker Removed From the Surface?
If permanent ink has come in contact with the whiteboard surface, try writing on top of the markings with a black dry erase pen, then wait a few minutes. The ink marks should clear away with a whiteboard eraser, followed up with a treatment of a whiteboard cleaning product.

Can you use Chalk Markers With Black Dry Erase Boards?
Quartet's black dry erase boards are primarily designed for use with dry erase markers. Water-based chalk markers can be used on non-porous whiteboard surfaces, but may not remove as easily as dry erase ink. Users may want to test a small area of a wet/dry surface beforehand to ensure certain brands of pens perform as intended. Black LED wet/dry boards are fully compatible with both dry and wet erase markers, including chalk markers.

How Long do Quartet Dry Erase Boards Last?
When cleaned and maintained properly, premium-quality porcelain whiteboards can last up to 20 years. Standard models, including those with glass surfaces, can typically withstand up to 10 years' worth of moderate use, while melamine whiteboards tend to last approximately 3 years before needing replacement.