Red Pens

Find the right writing instrument to grade your students' papers in the wide selection of red pens available at Staples®. Pens that write in red ink are also popular for editing and proofreading documents. Artists also use them to draw. You can identify these popular writing instruments by the red colors of their barrels, caps, ink chambers, and/or nibs.

Choose From Different Types of Red Pens
The most common types of ink pens are ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, and gel pens. A ballpoint writes with thick oil-based ink and has a tip made of a tiny hard sphere. The rotating spherical ball dispenses the ink and may be made of tungsten, steel, or brass. Ballpoints are reliable everyday writing instruments. Rollerball pens use free-flowing water-based inks and also have ball tips. They generally write smoother than ballpoints but their less viscous inks are more likely to smear.

A fountain pen uses water-based ink and dispenses it through a nib. Get one if you want a special writing instrument for calligraphy, penning letters or leaving entries in a personal journal. There are also red marker pens. These can write on a variety of surfaces and are suitable for drawing and writing labels. A gel pen is a rollerball that uses a gel ink. It comes in a wider selection of colors including pastel tones, metallic hues, and shades with shiny and glittery effects.

Consider Design and Size When Comparing Red Pens
Most pens are made of plastic. This is a durable, inexpensive material for disposable writing instruments. If you want a sturdier pen or one with an eye-catching look, get a model made of metal or wood. Manufacturers usually make refillable pens from such premium materials. The length, width, and shape of a pen barrel are also important factors to consider. The standard length of this writing instrument is around 6 inches. Longer models are unlikely to feel balanced in your hand. Shorter models make excellent pocket pens for taking quick notes. Most pens have round or hexagonal barrels and some include non-slip rubberized sleeves to improve grip.

What Are the Available Tip Sizes for Red Pens?
While size classifications vary from one type to another, the most common categories of pen tips are bold, medium, and fine. Bold point pens write thick lines and have tip widths above 1.0 millimeters. Medium point describes tip sizes between 0.7 and 1.0 millimeters. Fine tips measure 0.5 millimeters and smaller.

Do Capped Red Pens Save Ink?
Yes. Capped pens do save ink but not by a lot when compared to retractable pens. A cap prevents the ink left in the tip from drying out if you leave the writing instrument unused for a while. A retractable model extends and withdraws its tip as needed.

What Are Multifunction Red Pens?
A multifunction pen is a writing instrument that combines two types of pens or pen and a complementary tool. It may have a ballpoint tip and a rollerball tip or multiple tips that write different inks. You can find a model that combines a regular pen with a pencil or stylus at the other end. Others integrate handy tools like a ruler, spirit level, screwdriver, or caliper into their barrels.

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