Report Covers

Create a professional impression by using report covers to augment the tidiness and cohesiveness of your presentation. Select economical, clear covers with double-tang fasteners in the classroom. Choose high-quality linen-like clear-front covers for presenting reports in professional offices.

Multiple Color and Style Options
Add a bright splash of color to your presentation by choosing report covers in vibrant shades such as red, blue, or orange. For more traditional office use, select basic black report covers, or add even more professionalism and durability with pressboard report covers with fasteners. Use standard-size covers for items destined for the filing cabinet, or use extra-wide covers for work designed to be used only once.

Environmentally Friendly
Help your office or classroom go green by selecting report covers made from recycled material. Make covers made from 100 percent post-consumer content a requirement for students doing reports on environmental issues to press the point home. Use eco-conscious or eco-certified covers designed to promote environmental sustainability for your office to help your organization do its part to help the environment.

Easy-to-Use Protection
Protect your presentations with ease using convenient report covers. Select covers that use double-tang fasteners for a secure fit, or choose covers with inset plastic prongs that hold paper with pre-punched firmly in place for an added level of confidence. Discover report covers with handy side slides that keep papers in place.

Additional Accessories
Add dividers to papers inside these report covers to increase the readability and organization of your findings. These dividers come in multipacks, allowing you to keep them on hand and at the ready. Choose dividers that apply with just a zip of an adhesive strip and feature an all-white surface for clear, simple labeling.

Report Covers for Digital and Traditional Presentations
Whether you are preparing for a digital marketing presentation or something more traditional, report covers offer a sense of professionalism that aligns with and supports any particular meeting.

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