Rice Cookers & Steamers

Rice cookers produce perfectly steamed rice quickly and easily. Most include automatic timers that ensure each batch is fluffy and light. You can also use some steamers to cook other foods. These devices can handle the cooking needs of a student in their first apartment, prepare food for a large family or cook rice for a dinner party with dozens of people. Staples carries a variety of rice steamers including brands such as Brentwood, Tiger and Better Chef.

A Convenient Rice Preparation Option
These products are simple to use. In most cases, you just add measured amounts of water and rice, put on the lid and flip the power switch; the cooker does the rest. Steamers often come with utensils such as measuring cups and serving spoons that simplify rice preparation. Most products also have see-through lids that let users monitor the cooking process and provide warming functions that keep prepared foods hot for up to 12 hours. Steam vents maintain the proper cooking conditions inside the container and indicator lights show whether the device is cooking or keeping food warm.

Available in a broad range of cooking capacities, from 3 to 28 cups, these products can cook rice for almost any group, from two to twenty or more. While smaller devices do have a limited capacity, most large cookers can prepare smaller amounts, making these products a flexible cooking option.

Make More Than Rice
At first glance, rice steamers are single function appliances, but they can do much more than make perfect rice. The steady heat generated by these products makes them an excellent choice for cooking soft- or hard-boiled eggs. Many models come with a steamer basket that lets users prepare vegetables, fish or other foods using this healthy cooking method. Since these devices provide slow and even heat, you can use them to make soups, stews or pre-packaged, heat-and-serve meals. They can also pinch-hit for your slow cooker when preparing meats, casseroles or similar dishes.

Rice Steamers Simplify Cleanup
Cookers and steamers make it easy to clean up after the meal is over. Many models have removable bowls with non-stick surfaces and tempered glass lids that are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel and enamel exterior surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth. Some products have automatic shut-offs that keep contents from burning, so you're never left with a sticky mess.

A Safe Cooking Choice
Most steamers have safety features that reduce the chances of kitchen mishaps. Indicator lights show when the unit is on and hot, preventing accidental contact with hot surfaces. Some units shut off automatically, preventing boil-overs and reducing the risk of fire. Insulated handles stay cool while the device is on so that users can serve food safely. Select products include a holder that keeps the lid secure when you check cooking progress.

Steamers are a flexible cooking solution for any kitchen. They're available in many different sizes and can prepare much more than rice. Cookers are simple to clean and include features that ensure safe operation. Shop the selection of rice cookers available at Staples and find a food preparation appliance that prepares perfect rice and much more.

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