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Pots & Pans

Cookware gives your office kitchen a finished feel and makes it easy for employees to prepare healthy meals. Complete packages include stockpots, saucepans, spoons, lids, and skillets are available. Save time and money by buying a full matching set of pots and pans.

Complete Kitchen
Whether your employees want to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a full set of cookware makes preparing meals easy. Just put the leftovers in the for next time.

Dishwasher Safe
Don't worry about having to scrub pans after meals with dishwasher-safe cookware. Durable stainless-steel construction ensures your pots and pans look great even after years of use.

Hot Water, Fast
Get hot water for coffee, tea, or cooking purposes with cordless digital water kettle. Programmable settings and a warm feature ensure you get your water just the right temperature.
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