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Classic and sophisticated, these coffee pots and servers offer an instant upgrade for your coffee service. With a wide range of styles and sizes, you're sure to find a beautiful option for any dining environment. Select servers from brands such as American Metalcraft and Update International.

Stylish Designs
Whether you run a classic diner or a formal cafe, you'll find coffee pots and servers to suit your style. Each one features a distinct design, making it a crucial part of a table setting. In a traditional or formal environment, choose an ornate coffee urn or a sleek French press. For a catering business or casual restaurant, opt for a versatile server with clean lines and a simple design.

Easy Movement
Many coffee pots are designed with sturdy handles, so you can shift them easily when they are empty or full. Make your servers' lives easier with pots that have thick, insulated handles to prevent burns. If you are bringing coffee to an offsite event, choose models with flip-up handles and flat bottoms for safe transportation in a vehicle or on a restaurant cart.

Flexible Capacity
Compact coffee pots and servers provide just the right amount of coffee and creamer for individual table service. Large tabletop urns hold a high volume of coffee for weddings and other large events, making them the perfect option for caterers and event venues. For business meetings or small gatherings, select a standard air pot.

Convenient Cleaning
Make light work of post-event cleanup with dishwasher-safe pots and servers. Simply run them through a commercial washer for a thorough cleaning. For more delicate items, use a coffee decanter brush to reach every interior surface.

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