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Rocstor® CommanderX EC31 4TB USB 3.1 External Hard Drive, Silver
Item #IM14F1835
Model #C280Q2-01
  • Silver colored 4TB external hard drive is compatible with PC, Mac
  • Interface/ports: USB 3.1 (compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), data transfer rate: Up to 10,000 Mbps
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Rocstor CommanderX EC31 14 TB Hard Drive, SATA, 3.5" Drive, External, Desktop
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Item #IM15PQ255
Model #C28012-01
  • With 14 TB capacity you have ample space for storing millions of images, hundreds of hours of video or for music lovers, up to a million songs
  • 256-bit encryption protects your PC from hackers and thieves by encoding all your data
Digital file storage is one of the most popular ways to keep pictures, files and personal information secure and in a central location. Rocstor® external hard drives let you store documents, emails, and backups in a separate location for safe keeping. Staples® carries a large selection of Rocstor storage devices, as well as other popular brands and peripherals.

Benefits of Rocstor External Hard Drives
There are many reasons to purchase an external hard drive as a companion to a personal computer. They are extremely portable, so they can go with you on an airplane when traveling for times you need to access stored files or information, or on vacation so you can download photos as you go and free up space. Because an external hard drive requires no continuous connection to the computer, there is less chance for corruption of stored files or attacks from outside sources.

External drives are relatively budget-friendly and easy to clone, so it is simple to upgrade to a new device should you need more space. These devices let you open up space on your computer, which can also make your computer faster and more efficient.

Choosing a Rocstor External Hard Drive
Rocstor external hard drives come in several sizes and with a variety of options. Before choosing any type of storage device, consider the primary use of the unit. For sensitive information, opt for an encrypted external hard drive. With buttons on the outside of the device for single factor authentication, this type of hard drive lets you program the unit with a password that users must enter correctly to access stored information.

Hard drives with included stands provide a sleek look on your desktop by keeping the device upright on its side and out of the way. The small size of some Rocstor hard drives make them extremely portable, which is ideal for business people who travel from one city to another. These drives are MAC and PC compatible to accommodate a variety of users.

Who Can Benefit From a Rocstor External Hard Drive?
Nearly anyone who stores large numbers of files on a daily basis can benefit from Rocstor external hard drives. A small business that keeps track of inventory and company information can store the files on an external drive to free up space on a computer. By housing the files on an external drive, others can share the information when they need it. At home, an external drive is perfect for storing a library of personal photos, music or household information.

How Do You Set Up an External Hard Drive on a Computer?
Most external hard drives are plug-and-play, which means you need only to plug the device into a USB or SATA port. Some devices come with security programs that may require software installation and setup.

Can You Use an External Hard Drive as a Boot Drive?
An external hard drive works as a boot drive to hold your computer operating system. As a result, your computer may boot and retrieve information from the internal hard drive faster.