Scott Toilet Paper

With all the available options, choosing the most practical toilet paper for your home or office can take some thought. Softness, ply, scent and roll size are all important variables. There are numerous varieties of Scott toilet paper to choose from at Staples. Since 1913, the Scott brand has been offering high-quality and innovative toilet tissue products, keeping customers comfortable with luxury options and encouraging environmental responsibility with recycled fiber paper and even tube-free rolls.

Choose High Capacity Rolls for Office Bathrooms
There are specific types of toilet tissue designed for large commercial dispensers. Scott's commercial bath tissue is not perforated and works in all JRT universal dispensers. High-volume paper towels are ideal for commercial applications, equivalent to nearly five standard rolls. There is even a coreless option without a central cardboard roll. Created to work with core-less dispensers such as the Kimberly-Clark brand, the coreless design offers 15 percent more tissue per roll, increasing value and reducing waste and the frequency of refills. Scott toilet paper is designed for comfort as well, offering the choice between single-ply and thicker 2-ply. Commercial rolls with 2-ply paper contain 1,000 feet of tissue, whereas rolls with 1-ply contain 2,000 feet of paper.

For smaller offices without commercial dispensers, standard commercial toilet tissue rolls are the smart choice. Scott's paper is double-ply and unscented, with 550 sheets per roll. Commercial tissue meets the minimum EPA standards for recycled fiber content. The paper is safe for septic systems, and each roll is individually wrapped before use for convenience and cleanliness. For those who want an even more budget-friendly option, Scott's 100 percent recycled tissues offer high performance and value with over 500 sheets per roll of 2-ply tissue made completely from recycled fiber.

Enjoy Luxury with Premium Toilet Paper
For luxurious office washrooms or home use, the Scott brand offers soft and comfortable paper napkins in rolls designed to fit standard residential toilet tissue holders. One choice is an extra soft line of 1-ply tissue which balances comfort and value. Each roll contains 264 sheets of unscented, extremely soft and highly absorbent tissue. Larger "mega" rolls are designed to minimize refill frequency with 400 sheets per roll.

The natural line of Scott toilet seat covers is designed to be tube-free, reducing waste for an eco-friendly choice. The 1-ply paper is soft and durable and safe for sewer and septic systems. It offers an easy way to make the environmentally friendly choice without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Buy In Bulk for Ease and Value
Buying toilet tissue in bulk offers convenience and financial savings. For commercial dispenser tissue, Scott has small cases with four rolls per case ideal for smaller offices with only a few washrooms. For larger commercial spaces, there are bulk options with 12 rolls per case of either single-ply or 2-ply toilet tissue. Coreless commercial tissue comes in a case of 12 rolls for 13,800 feet of paper per case. Both Scott's standard and 100 percent recycled lines of commercial paper are available in large cases containing 80 individually packaged rolls. There are bulk buying options for standard toilet tissue as well. Scott extra soft premium tissue comes in packages of 24 or 48 rolls. The mega rolls are also offered in bulk packages from 20 to 80 rolls per case for office or home use.