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Seagate NAS / Cloud Storage

Network-attached storage devices are ideal for homes and offices where users need a server to store large amounts of data for easy access. Seagate NAS storage offers many benefits, including user-friendly software, large storage capability, and high-performance hardware. These devices essentially create a personal cloud system for data storage and retrieval. Browse through Staples options for computer storage devices to find the right solution for your personal or business needs.

Benefits of Seagate NAS Systems
Creating a personal server or cloud with a Seagate storage device allows you to securely save a large amount of data and access it easily and quickly from a variety of devices over an internet connection. Many people choose to use personal cloud storage for pictures and media files, and businesses can use this type of server to allow employees to organize, save, and access data in a controlled environment.

A Seagate personal cloud device is easy to set up and can store data in a wide variety of file formats, including documents, pictures, music, and video files. The included software makes it simple to organize files, control who has access to data, and keep everything secure. The device can also serve as a secure backup for important files and allow users to access data from other computers and mobile devices.

Additional Features of Seagate Cloud Storage
There are several things to consider when choosing a Seagate NAS storage device. One of the most important aspects is storage capacity. Most models have a capacity of at least 3TB of data, though some hold 8TB. There are both single and 2-bay models, and users can choose a 2-bay device in order to store data on two separate hard drives for additional protection. Seagate NAS devices use an Ethernet interface to connect to the network, and most styles include multiple USB ports, usually with at least one ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection. Along with the Ethernet cable, a Seagate NAS drive comes with a power cable to plug into the wall.

Is Seagate NAS Compatible With All Operating Systems?
Seagate NAS drives are designed to work with multiple operating systems, including Windows and Mac. You can also back up data from devices using iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Many media streaming devices such as Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku boxes, and Apple TV devices are compatible with Seagate cloud storage.

Who Can See and Access Data on Seagate Cloud Storage?
A Seagate NAS drive allows you to organize files and control access to them. Users with the proper permissions can see and download data using computers, tablets, and mobile devices with an internet connection even when they're not in the physical location of the storage device. You can share files with others and invite new users with secure URL links.

Can Data Sync With Apps?
Seagate cloud storage devices allow data to sync with numerous third-party apps and smart-home technologies. Users may access and download Google Drive attachments, Facebook tags, and WordPress content, along with other app-specific information. Personal cloud devices are also compatible with some media server software programs such as Plex.
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Seagate® 2TB SATA 6 Gbps NAS Internal Hard Drive (ST2000VN000)
Item : IM17U6353
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  • 2TB NAS hard drive offers high level of performance
  • Drive interface: SATA 6 Gbps
  • Data transfer speed: 180 Mbps, 6144 Mbps (External)
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