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Security & Carbon Paper

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Prevent unwanted copies of important documents and create convenient duplicates of other paperwork with carbon paper and security products. Sheets with integrated safety features disrupt copying attempts, while multi-sheet papers make it simple to create duplicates instantly while writing on the original. Shop Staples to find a wide selection of the top paper brands on the market.

Security Papers Protect Sensitive Information
Designed with pantograph prints, these products prevent the unwanted copying of important information. The word void appears over print or written words and numbers when copies are made, preventing people from stealing checks and files and passing them off as legitimate paperwork. Watermarks, prismatic backgrounds and security warnings deter alterations and damage.

Heat-sensitive images disappear when exposed to heat or touch, further alerting others to potential tampering. Invisible fibers in chemically reactive paper with toner grip help hold onto the original printed material, offering another layer of security against sabotage and fraud and preventing alteration.

Easily Create Receipts and Carbon Paper Copies to File Away
Carbon paper makes it simple to make copies and duplicates of forms and documents for easy record keeping. It allows users to create receipts for customers and clients or make multiple versions of the same piece to file away in different places.

It works by transferring writing to multiple pages, making quick work of filling out numerous sheets with the same information. These products make it easy to print and keep physical records of business checks, contracts and documents.

When Should you Use Carbon Papers?
Carbon copy paper is suitable for use at home or in an office. It is ideal for quickly and efficiently making multiple copies of items like price lists, coupons, proposals, HR paperwork, transcripts, wills and other documents you plan to share with colleagues and clients. By transferring carbon marks to the pages below the original, it creates exact duplicates for proper documentation of legal and medical paperwork and other files like order charts and service contracts.

How do you use Security Paper?
Using this type of paper is easy, just place in the printer and use as you would normal printer paper. It doesn't require any special machines or processes to guard documents against fraud. Some are suitable for use with certain financial and business software, allowing you to design the checks, tax forms and files you need to run your business.

What Kinds of Security Paper Products are Available?
Security paper comes in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of personal and professional needs. Preprinted forms and files make it simple to quickly fill out client information and keep it protected from theft or tampering. Checks and documents come in multiple colors and patterns, helping to create brand recognition and further add another layer of security to your operation.

Some options are manufactured to state-specified standards, making them ideal for use in medical practices to help stop the copying and altering of written prescriptions. Available in small packs or large, it's easy to select an option to keep your home or office stocked and fully supplied.

The Top 5 Highest Rated Security & Carbon Papers Online

Are you looking to buy the best Security & Carbon Papers online? At Staples, our Security & Carbon Papers range in price from $22.99 to $299.49 with Staples Carbon Paper, 8-1/2" x 11", Black being the most affordable Security & Carbon Paper we carry. With over 41 popular Security & Carbon Papers to choose from with an average 4.2 star rating, it’s hard to choose the right one. Consider buying one of our top 5 highest rated Security & Carbon Papers that range in size and popularity:

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What Are The Best Security & Carbon Paper Brands For Sale?

Are you looking for the best Security & Carbon Paper brands online? At Staples, we carry 10 Security & Carbon Paper brands with 316 total customer reviews. With 41 total Security & Carbon Paper products, it’s hard to choose the right one. Compare the highest rated Security & Carbon Paper brands based on Staples customer reviews and ratings: