Security & Early Warning

Discover security and early warning products that help your business save money by reducing the risk of theft. Choose padlocks, locking systems, and lockout kits suitable for a wide array of security needs. These options are designed for simple and convenient use, saving valuable time.

Fast Implementation
Use quick and simple combination and key-operated padlocks to secure items on the spot. Reduce the risk of theft and pilfering in employee locker areas by providing workers with padlocks only they personally can unlock. Choose laptop locks in your retail business to prevent theft of display models, and select options that allow you to set your own combination or password for an even higher level of security. You can also keep these locks on hand to allow employees to secure their bikes outside your establishment if they ride to work.

Easy Warnings
Ensure no one turns on machinery that's being repaired using security and early warning products such as lockout kits. These convenient kits provide everything your maintenance personnel need to inform other workers of the progress of the repair, including multiple locks and tags with room for notes. You can also use these security solutions to setup a central procedure location, so each employee understands the system used by your factory or warehouse.

Secure Storage
Use security and early warning locking systems to provide a well-protected place for workers to stow valuables on construction sites or other locations where portable solutions are needed. Use convenient cable locks to secure supply cabinets in your office, and choose circuit breaker lockout systems to ensure no one turns on electrical elements during work in progress to increase safety levels in your workspace.