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Briggs HealthcareMr. BeamsTatco
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Briggs Healthcare  Motion Sens LED Ceiling Light
Item #384527
Model #599-7000-0000
  • White
  • 5.0"H x 5.0"W x 1.75"D
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3-Pack Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor, White or Black
Item #SS3458397
  • Extremely bright LED with minimum power consumption, 140 Lumens. MB333 is three (3) individual units of the Mr Beams MB330 Spotlight
  • Motion sensor turns Spotlight on and off automatically
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Tatco Visitor Chime (15300)Tatco Visitor Chime (15300)
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Item #504764
Model #15300
  • Visitor chime is a great tool to alert employees when visitor enters or exits
  • Light-reactive sensor has sensing distance of up to 15'
Reg.  $35.19
Shop Motion Detectors and More to Safeguard Your Space: We know how important your safety is and that is why we offer a fine selection of motion detectors. They come from such trusted brands as Optex, Mace, Store Supply Warehouse, and Tatco. These are a great addition to your full security system and its sensors, keypad, and other components. The MVC-PIR motion detector camera includes a SONY CCD image sensor that offers a crystal clear picture for ultimate clarity and instant recognition. It is designed to resemble a motion detector to seamlessly blend into your home or retail space.

What goes hand-in-hand with motion detectors? Chimes. We have several in stock that can be used to identify when customers arrive and depart from your store. Manual door chimes come with easy installation and emit a pleasant peal when activated. You can also detect motion with one of several choices in light-sensitive entry alerts. They can be placed in your off-limits rooms so you can further ensure unwanted individuals do not gain access.

Indoor/outdoor entry alerts are available, wireless, and efficient. The sensor and chime box receiver can be used to alert you of all comings and goings. If you want to put this on the exterior of your structure, you can do so without worrying about climate issues as a weatherproof model is available.

Last but certainly not least in importance is the six-volt AC adapter. The last thing we want to have to spend time on is changing batteries, with all the tasks each of us has to complete in a day. Consider all of the above to make the selection that will complement your security system and motion detectors.