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Boxes for holding supplies, products and household goods require tape that adheres properly and offers a secure hold. Staples carries packing tape made from a variety of materials with different adhesives that work well for creating secure shipments and keeping cords and other items organized.

Strong Packing Tape Materials Offer Durability
Tapes come in a range of materials that offer strength and a durable hold. Acrylic tapes offer immediate adhesion and strong tear resistance. Tapes made from laminates and films that stick due to friction are ideal for short-term use on materials that might be damaged by traditional adhesives.

Cloth tapes resist heat and are difficult to tear, making them a good choice for heavier packages. Consider glass packing tape for increased heat resistance for use on boxes and materials that are exposed to temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Tape with paper backing is a good option for short-term use on packages that aren't subjected to rough handling or temperature extremes. Vinyl and PVC tapes provide increased strength and durability against chemicals and temperature changes.

Choose Adhesive Types of Packing Tape Based on the Application
Packing tape comes with different types of adhesives that keep them secure on boxes and other materials. Acrylic adhesives provide a strong hold that remains sticky in hot and cold temperatures and during long-term storage. Gummed or water-activated adhesives require specific packing tape dispensers that apply water during application. This type of tape offers instant sealing and can provide proof of tampering for added security. Tapes with hot melt adhesives ensure a tight bond with corrugated materials for added protection during the shipping process. Look for adhesives made from rubber or silicone for increased flexibility when working with non-paper packaging or bundling products and materials.

What Are the Uses of Packaging Tape?
Typical acrylic products ensure a tight bond that withstands rough handling during shipping, along with long-term adhesion when used for storage. Flexible tapes are ideal for keeping cords organized or bundling multiple items together. Use these options for items that are difficult to package to make bundles easier to ship and store.

Which Packing Tape Dispenser Is the Right Option?
Dispensers are available for most types of tape, and most are designed for specific adhesives and materials. Water-activated tapes require dispensers that apply water during application. Other tapes work well in handheld dispensers that provide a cutting edge for quick application. Desk or tabletop dispensers hold multiple rolls and are ideal for warehouse and shipping facilities. Choose the correct size dispenser based on the width of the tape and the type of cutting mechanism it requires, as some tapes require a sharp cutting edge for clean application.

Does the Width of Packing Tape Really Matter?
When packing boxes for shipping or storage, the width of the tape plays a crucial role. Thinner tapes work fine for smaller boxes with little to no gap between the closed flaps or for organizing materials or cords. Wider 2 or 3-inch tapes provide additional protection against bumping and flipping to keep packages closed while in transit. Consider the size of the package, how well the box closes and the weight of the materials when deciding on tape width.