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PVC or electrical tape is an ideal solution for working with live wires. The different vinyl, propylene and cloth options ensure proper insulation for electrical projects and wiring to prevent arcing and other damage.

Use Electrical Tape for All Wiring Projects
Tape for electrical projects uses materials that don't conduct electricity. This makes them ideal for insulating live wires inside electrical boxes, bus bars and motor leads. Different materials provide protection against high and low-voltage systems to ensure proper insulation levels. Some heavy-duty tapes are self-fusing, which keeps out moisture and offers greater protection against overheating and shorts in the electrical system. There are also tapes available that help repair insulated cables with medium voltage by acting as a semi-conducting layer. Staples carries options that work well for electrical uses, strapping materials together, bundling loose wire and repairing hoses and cables.

Choose Tape Materials for Specific Jobs
Rubber tape offers plenty of stretch, making it simple to wrap tightly around wires and oddly shaped junctions. There are thinner options that work well for low-voltage wires and for repairing sports equipment. Heavy-duty electrical tape can be up to 30 mils thick, delivering optimal insulation for projects with higher voltages. Make sure to verify the voltage level ratings for each type of tape before using it for added safety. Glass cloth tape includes a thermo-setting adhesive that is ideal for using in dry, high-temperature areas. This type of tape doesn't burn, shrink or corrode and provides high strength for demanding applications.

Does Color Matter?
This type of tape comes in several different colors that can help users mark wired connections. Black is generally used for insulation purposes in neutral and low voltage phase A wiring. Red is a popular option for low voltage phase B, and blue is used for low voltage phase C wiring. Brown, orange and yellow are frequently used for marking high voltage phase A, B and C wiring respectively. Electricians use green to mark wires that go to the earth, and green with a yellow stripe for the isolated ground. Grey and white tapes are used for low and high voltage neutral wires. Colored tapes are also ideal for marking and labeling lines, cables and other items for quick identification.

Which Tape is the Right Option for Indoor and Outdoor Use?
Vinyl tape is useful for both indoor and outdoor applications. Use options that are thicker and stretchable for outdoor projects. Heavy-duty electrical tape provides strong adhesives and withstands exposure to heat, sun and rain for a dependable hold. There are also silicone tapes that are ozone and UV resistant for long-term applications. Thinner tapes work well for indoor uses and for minor patches on furniture and cords. Look for waterproof adhesives for areas that may be exposed to moisture or for fixing small holes in hoses and on vinyl. Colored tapes are a good choice for creating decorative indoor crafts and projects. Use school colors for wrapping drumsticks and mallets to add more visual interest during concerts and other performances.

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