Specialty Appliances

Set store
Meet all your home and office needs with a huge selection of specialty appliances. With this collection of name-brand items at different price points, you are sure to find what you are looking for, regardless of whether you are shopping for a small business, a large office, or even your own home.

Entertain Like a Pro
If you love to entertain, choose a specialty appliance to meet your every need and take your gathering to the next level. Make popcorn, cotton candy, and pretzels for the kids and put on a circus-themed bash. Host brunch and make waffles while frothing your own milk for cappuccinos.

Make Your Job Easier
Purchase a selection of specialty appliances to make your life easier every time you have guests or create a special family meal. Simply press a button or pull a lever, and you will be well on your way to an exciting meal. Put together a quick Mexican dinner with a quesadilla maker, or cook an Italian favorite in minutes using an electric pizza oven. Don't worry about the clean up: many appliances have self-cleaning features to save time.

Make Enough for a Crowd
You can brew coffee for yourself or for the whole office with a gourmet coffee maker and a coffee bean grinder. Choose a meat slicer to keep at your home, and pick one up for your restaurant at the same time. Keep drinks cool with a portable ice maker, a perfect option at your next pool party. Use an industrial meat grinder to make large quantities of ground beef and sausage for catering jobs or to stock your freezer.

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