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Office furniture adds a combination of style and versatility, with many people choosing pieces aimed at increasing productivity. Staples® bookcases help streamline organizational efforts, offering a place to store important manuals, documents, and books. They come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and styles to suit professional and personal use. Staples has many different bookcases as well as other furniture for the home and office.

Considerations for Choosing Staples Bookcases
When shopping for a Staples bookshelf, it's important to make sure that it fits in the designated space. Shoppers should be careful to measure the depth as well as the width and height to ensure there's enough floor area for the unit to comfortably fit. Another consideration to keep in mind is the style of the unit. Some have a solid straight rectangular design with a no-frills approach, while others incorporate decorative elements to spruce up a room.

Bookshelves also come in a large array of colors including neutral shades such as black, white, and oak to fit in with existing decor. Metal units have a powder-coated finish, while wood units come in pine, cherry, and espresso colors.

Combination Staples Bookcases Increase Versatility
Combination units increase functionality. They come with drawers, mail slots, or cabinets with doors so you can organize smaller accessories as well as books, magazines, and trinkets. These spaces are good for holding office supplies such as Post-it® notes, staples, and copy paper to replenish a printer or copy machine. Combination bookshelves work well in common areas such as a utility or supply room, or near a printer or fax machine.

What Are Staples Bookcases Made Of?
You can find bookcases made with different materials. Many have either a wood or metal frame that offer solid support, with wooden or glass shelves. Some have laminate wood that resists stains, scratches, and moisture, while others have particle board frames with veneer covers.

How Much Weight Can Staples Bookcases Support?
The amount of weight a bookcase can comfortably support depends on the model you choose. Some can hold books, papers, and peripherals weighing hundreds of pounds, while others are limited and can only hold 25 pounds. Each model comes with a recommended weight for each shelf plus the unit as a whole.

How Many Shelves Do Staples Bookcases Have?
It depends on the type of bookcase you choose. Some have as few as two shelves and work well as an addition to an existing storage unit while others have as many as six or eight shelves to support more books and materials for larger offices or library areas in a hospitality setting. Cube bookshelves come in six- or nine-block configurations and work well with fabric bins.

What Are Some Other Uses for Staples Bookcases?
You can use the bookshelves to organize materials in nearly any area. Sort tools in a garage, streamline art supplies in a crafting room or even sort clothes in a laundry room. Decorative designs such as ladder-style shelves work well in a foyer or hallway to hold knick-knacks. With many sizes and colors available, there's no limit to the way you can use them.
Staples® Axis Bookcase, Cherry FinishStaples® Axis Bookcase, Cherry Finish
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  • Rich cherry finished shelves