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Staples Student Desks & Study Carrels

Creating a designated study space is beneficial to help a child succeed in school. A Staples® student desk helps provide an organized location for books and other education materials. Student desks are compact in size and contain shelves and additional counter space for small rooms. Choose from a selection of desks and other furniture to complete a bedroom or office.

Creating a Functional Space With a Staples Student Desk
Student desks offer a space to learn and read. Set up a study area in a home office, or use a corner of a family room. For larger bedrooms, a student desk can tuck into a corner. Take the doors off a shallow closet and slide the desk inside to create a personalized area. In dorm rooms, create a study nook under a loft bed.

In school classrooms and small day care settings, student desks provide a place to do schoolwork, create art projects or simply sit and read. Place the desk in a location where there are few distractions for optimal results.

Choosing a Staples Student Desk
Staples study desks for students come in a variety of styles and color choices. Select one with a slim metal frame to fit in small spaces. A cherry wood finish helps the desk fit in with other bedroom furniture, and integrated wire management systems help keep cords organized and off the floor.

Choose a desk with a lower shelf to store school textbooks and other research material, or use it to house a computer tower to save desk space. Riser shelves provide a location to hold writing utensils and keepsakes, while a spacious tabletop holds a laptop or allows room to do worksheets and other homework.

What is the Ideal Staples Student Desk Height?
The majority of student desks are the same height. Some come with adjustable legs that let you raise or lower the desk slightly to prevent wobble. The correct height desk will keep the user's elbows at a 90-degree angle when their arms rest on the top surface. Legs should fit comfortably underneath the tabletop, and when in a seated position the feet should sit firmly on the floor.

What's the Optimal Way to Organize a Staples Student Desk?
Keep clutter to a minimum with small containers and letter trays. Place small items like calculators and rulers in a container with a lid, and use pencil holders to store pens and markers within reach. Place loose papers in an expanding file, or use a file cabinet next to the desk. Place books on a nearby bookshelf to clear up room on the tabletop, and store paper clips, rubber bands, and other loose objects in drawers.

What Type of Light Should be Used at a Staples Student Desk?
Task lighting is important to prevent eye strain. Choose a desk lamp that directs light down to your work area. A swing arm lamp lets you move the light around as needed, while a small table lamp with an open-bottom shade can illuminate an entire desktop.
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