Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are a key component when choosing desktop office supplies. This lighting accessory, used by office workers, students, and others, should suit your style preference and help with completing tasks by reflecting light efficiently. Staples® offers a selection of functional lighting with features that contribute to ease of use while fitting into any decor. When shopping, make sure to purchase bulbs appropriate for the lamp.

Consider Different Types of Desk Lamps
Use an adjustable desk lamp to direct the light's focus for better viewing. Height settings help the user diffuse light, and a lamp with a dimmer increases light intensity to reduce eye strain. Used by any hobbyist or crafter, a magnifier light zooms in on an object letting the person examine intricate details. A gooseneck lamp twists in any direction as a flexible alternative for pointing the light source toward the object. With an organizer lamp, use the compartments to store pens, pencils, and small office supplies. A tree desk lamp has several illumination sources you can bend to increase light concentration in any direction. To accent a space, use a decorative light to set the mood for a room.

Compare Styles of Desk Lamps
Buyers consider traditional lamps as classics that are never out of date. Examples include banker's lamps with bronze finishes, brass table lamps, and those that include adjustable arms for ease of light direction. Contemporary lamps are sleek and modern with chrome and brushed-nickel finishes. These lights may include USB ports, phone cradles, touch-control switching, and have futuristic looks, all features that offer more than one purpose for use.

What Features of Desk Lamps Are Important?
Lamps with adjustable arms, ones that extend to cover larger areas, and with swivel heads allow users to choose the amount of illumination they need. Lights are available that require incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and other types of bulbs. Pivoting and angled shades give users an additional option for light control. Size and color are also important features when choosing lighting for rooms such as offices, bedrooms, or family rooms.

What Are the Benefits of LED Desk Lamps?
LED lighting produces little heat and uses less energy than other bulbs, which decreases operation costs and saves electricity. Some energy-efficient bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours to realize further savings. The environmentally safe products do not contain mercury, are recyclable, and are the greenest lighting products available to reduce carbon emissions. These lights work with dimming devices and are available in multiple colors. Research shows that LED lighting may improve mood, bring about a positive change in how students learn, and enhance natural sleeping rhythms.

Which Desk Lamps Help With Studying?
A child or an adult uses a study lamp when preparing homework, writing, or working on projects. The clip-on version attaches to a nearby surface or the desk to control the amount of light needed. Transfer the light to another location to read or use a mobile device. To avoid shadows while studying, make sure the light is in between your head and what you need to read. A battery-operated lamp works anywhere and is portable when moving from one place to another. A floor lamp frees up desktop space and is an attractive decorating accessory. A light with a full-spectrum bulb produces the brightest light without adding glare to the studying environment.

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