About this product

Get durability for frequently referenced papers with this Staples Standard 2-inch D three-ring white view binder.

Ensure frequently referenced papers stay in good condition with this white view binder. The rings can hold up to 500 standard pages, while the two interior pockets offer additional storage space for loose or unpunched papers. This Staples Standard white view binder has three 2-inch D rings that let pages lie flat, while the sturdy PVC-free plastic keeps contents safe from dirt, dings and other damage.

  • White view binder is an excellent choice for storing and organizing loose sheets
  • Three D-Rings keep pages secure
  • Holds up to 500 sheets
  • Durable covers are made of plastic with nonstick surface
  • Three pockets for organization
  • Insert a custom removable spine label for easy identification of the contents
Plenty of Storage
Space The Staples 2-inch PVC-free binder has a maximum capacity of 500 pages, an advantage of the slant D-rings that hold more than equally-sized round rings. The rings are mounted on the back panel of the binder, keeping the sheets flat whether the binder is open or closed. Additional storage for documents without pre-punched holes is available in the Staples standard 2-inch view binder's two interior pockets.

Protective Covers
With wide cover panels, the Staples 2-inch slant D-ring binder prevents damage to the edges of contained documents, whether the binder is in storage or on a desk. The nonstick material preserves the integrity of documents, keeping the toner and ink from being lifted off the page The Staples 500-sheet view binder has gap-resistant rings, preventing accidental snags while the pages are being turned.