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Rope, string and twine have multiple purposes and come in handy for packaging and craft products like packing tape. They help secure boxes and stacks of paper, and some varieties make fun, decorative elements.

At Staples, you'll find plenty of colors and sizes to choose from for personal and commercial use.

Use String and Twine To Neatly Tie Packages Up
Twine comes in a wide variety of colors and makes an excellent packaging element when paired with kraft or matte wrapping paper. Kraft twine is made with natural jute and provides a rustic look in craft projects and decor.

You can use thicker plies to mark plants in the garden for clear identification of fruits and vegetables, and to create support between rows. Bakers twine is similar to kraft, but comes in a thinner design with cotton fibers. It's used for party decor and wrapping presents. Many bakeries use it to add a decorative element to their boxes and to secure the package.

Some types of twine have polypropylene fibers with very little give, offering a suitable option for tying newspapers or magazines together for delivering or recycling. Its smooth texture makes it easy to handle, but its firm tensile strength, up to 490 pounds, ensures it's strong enough for heavy jobs.

Twine comes in varying lengths from small packages of several yards for home and casual use, up to 6300-foot spools for busy companies who use it as part of their packaging and organization. Types made with cotton and jute are recyclable and biodegradable, making them Earth-friendly choices.

If you're looking for an alternative, lightweight option cotton and jute string are well-suited for packaging and bundling. The thinner design makes for easy knotting and handling. Tag string works with paper or metal tags and comes pre-cut, ready to use.

Heavy-duty Rope Provides More Security
Heavy-duty rope comes with increasing tensile strength up to 3240 pounds, with varying diameters. Some are made with polypropylene and have the ability to resist water, gasoline and other chemicals, as well as mold and mildew.

Those who work with trucks delivering supplies and equipment on open flatbeds use truck rope to secure the load. It's designed to resist flexing and bending, standing up to the elements while traveling. They're also spliceable, giving users flexibility to join them with other rope. It also floats for use with buoys on boats and other watercraft.

Made from special fibers, manila rope comes in varying strengths for light- and medium-duty tasks. It works well in an industrial setting for securing large loads of products or supplies together, and in a farm or backyard setting as a multi-purpose tool. Sisal rope is similar to manila rope. It's biodegradable and widely used for pulling due to its non-slip texture.

Nylon rope is a good solution for general purpose use in various settings. It's a little more durable than polypropylene and manila, offering increased holding power, which makes it good for anchoring and towing purposes. It also stretches, but returns to its original length when the user relieves pressure.

It can stand up to abrasion and has built-in resistance to rot and ultraviolet rays.