TV Mounts

Use sturdy TV mounts to display flat-screen televisions on any wall. The steel structure safely attaches to the wall's surface and securely holds the television in place. Staples® has several mounts with convenient features, such as an adjustable tilt range that allows you to watch television from many areas of the room.

TV Mounts Make Use of Blank Wall Space
Easily occupy an empty wall when you mount a dynamic flat screen television above a table or the kitchen counter. A TV mount can extend inches from the wall or collapse flat to the surface when the television is not in operation. These durable structures can accommodate televisions at nearly any normal size, such as a 32 or 65-inch TV, and some mounts can safely hold a 75-inch TV. Most mounts have an adjustable arm joint that allows you to tilt the screen or swivel a half turn until you find the optimum viewing angle. The units work with LCD, LED, and plasma televisions.

Try TV Mounts to Maximize Space
A TV mount has a sleek design that adds a streamlined aesthetic to a space. The mount allows you to efficiently hang the television in a convenient location without blocking access to any television ports. Use an auxiliary mount for a gaming console to keep the television and game device off the floor and free up more space for guests or furniture. Depending on the need of the room, a TV mount in a fixed, tilted, or full-motion design may be ideal to accommodate the viewing audience. The sturdy structure holds the television in place and resists sagging for trustworthy support.

Are TV Mounts Easy to Clean?
TV mounts are available in steel, aluminum, and plastic models. The surfaces are easy to clean with a soft cloth. The rugged units also are simple to paint, so you can match the hardware to the color of any room and clean them according to the paint's instructions.

How Much Weight Can TV Mounts Support?
Depending on the size of the mount, many units can withstand weight between 100 and 150 pounds. Check the hardware specifications for the maximum weight capacity, so you can match the weight and the size of the television with the appropriate mount.

Are There Other Benefits to Using TV Mounts?
There are several types of TV mounts available, such as a full-screen and fixed style, to maximize the space of any area. A fixed design keeps the television at one specific angle on the wall, which works well when the viewing audience watches the screen from directly in front of the television. A full-motion mount, on the other hand, allows the user to move the television into various positions, so guests can watch TV from many places in the room. A tilting feature allows viewers to adjust the vertical pitch of the television down or up, so the audience can account for glares from lighting or height differences. Tilting the television downwards, for instance, allows a floor audience to view the television without craning. Trending Links:
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