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Once a business grows to a certain point, it makes sense to start backing up files and sharing data through a Western Digital® cloud storage device. A Western Digital desktop NAS, or "network attached storage," device interacts with every authorized device, from the company's desktop computers to workers' laptops, and even their at-home equipment, to create a virtual network that's essentially a private cloud for an organization's employees.

Western Digital Cloud Storage Capacity
The amount of storage space a Western Digital cloud storage offers varies by orders of magnitude, from 1 or 2 TB to potentially hundreds of times that amount. How much is needed depends on what it's being used for. If the NAS is just making regular security backups of the day's work, 1 or 2 TB of storage is more than enough. Cloud storage systems that link several teams together and enable file sharing, video transfers, and high-speed data processing need much more memory and usually a faster processor.

Western Digital Cloud Storage Drive Configuration
A Western Digital cloud storage server's total capacity, both for disk space and for processing speed, is a function of how many drives it holds and how they're configured. The simplest systems have a single drive that runs a lot like the drive inside any computer. Bigger systems take two, four, or up to 12 independently programmable drives.

There's no end to how these drives can be linked together. In a four-drive system, for instance, three drives may be joined to share the workload between them, effectively tripling the processing speed and overall storage space, while the fourth drive holds the recovery algorithm to restore any of the other three in the event of failure. This setup, called redundant and independent drive (RAID) protection, is a must-have for IT departments, online retailers, and other businesses that cannot afford downtime.

Western Digital Cloud Storage Operating Systems
Which operating system to work with is another important decision for a cloud storage server. Most Western Digital My Cloud systems are optimized to work with Windows-compatible software, and this is fine for smaller, simpler setups. Larger systems, such as those used by tech companies and large businesses with hundreds of employees, often run Linux and other systems that offer no-cost email and web services.

What Is a Western Digital Cloud Storage Server?
These servers are special, high-capacity memory and processing computers that can take a lot of the load off of an office's computer terminals. They can also be used to set up a wireless network and email system for everyone in the company to use.

How Does a Western Digital Cloud Storage Server Differ From a Regular Computer?
A powerful NAS typically has a lot more memory than a regular desktop computer, as well as a dedicated graphics card and possibly multiple servers. It also usually runs a much less complex operating system that only handles processing and traffic related issues.

Is a Western Digital Cloud Storage Server Safe for Backups?
These devices are very safe for file sharing and for making backups. They typically have sophisticated access protocols and security software pre-installed to limit access to authorized users only.