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Whole Home WiFi

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Wireless internet access is an integral part of most homes and it's important to have a fast, reliable signal. A whole home Wi-Fi system delivers a strong connection to every corner of the house. Staples carries several top whole home Wi-Fi products so you can find the system that meets your needs.

Whole Home/Business Wi-Fi System
No more dead zones upstairs, no dropped connections through walls, just Wi-Fi everywhere. Wi-Fi Systems provide wireless coverage for your whole home or small business. Wi-Fi barriers such as walls, stairs and doors are no match for Wi-Fi systems. If you need more Wi-Fi, you can just add another node to expand your connection.

How a Whole Home Wi-Fi System Works
When a single wireless router provides internet to the entire home, its location combined with the layout of the home may lead to an unstable signal in some rooms. A home Wi-Fi system resolves that issue by combining the power of several signal transmitters placed throughout the home. Different brands such as eero and Orbi work in unique ways. Some systems have one device that plugs directly into the modem and automatically connects with the other transmitters placed around the location. This wireless "mesh" network ensures a strong, reliable signal everywhere in the home. Another method uses one or two powerful routers that provide tri-band Wi-Fi to maximize speed regardless of how many devices are in use.

Benefits of a Home Wi-Fi System
Adding a whole home Wi-Fi system ensures that everyone in the family can access the internet on multiple devices at the same time. It reduces long buffering times, even in areas where there are several walls between the router and the device. These systems are easy to install and configure, and some even include an app that helps users place the additional routers in optimal locations. You can eliminate the need to remember and share the Wi-Fi password with guests since many systems include an integrated guest network. Most devices will automatically update software and security protections. If you want to manage screen time for children, you can modify settings to pause or schedule access for specific users.

How Many Devices Does a Home Need?
Most systems are designed to provide a fast, reliable signal to homes between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet. Two or three transmitters provide coverage for the entire home.

Are These Wi-Fi Systems Easy to Set Up?
Yes. With both browser and app-based installation available, you can get set up no matter how you choose to connect. These Wi-Fi Systems offer enterprise-class mesh technology without the complexity. These systems are perfect for the home or growing business who needs max performance without having an IT team to support them.

Are Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems Difficult to Operate?
Unlike traditional routers, users don't need a hard connection to a computer to set up a network; nor do they need to turn the router off and physically unplug it to restart it. Instead, users completely control the home wireless system through a smartphone app. Users can even initiate a restart or power cycle through the app, as well as control advanced settings such as DHCP, DNS and Port Forwarding. Browse Staples' selection of brands to find the ideal home Wi-Fi system.

Is a Wi-Fi System a Range Extender?
No. Range Extenders create multiple Wi-Fi networks to expand your coverage. That means you need to reconnect based on where you are in your home or business. Wi-Fi systems create a single network that gives your entire home or business complete coverage.
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