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From action adventure to sports, racing and party games, there are tons of Xbox 360 games to choose from. Play alone with single player titles or team up with others in multiplayer mode. Online communities expand the numbers of people to play against for more advanced competition. Some games are geared toward younger audiences, while others are for the enjoyment of adults. With a wide selection to choose from at Staples, it's simple to find a suitable game for every player.

Xbox 360 Games are Available in a Wide Number of Genres for Every Player's Enjoyment
Choose action, outdoors, sports, puzzles, kid's games and more from the many options available for the Xbox 360. With hundreds of titles under each category, there's a game to entertain everyone. Those designed for use with the Xbox's Kinect system offer interactive play without the use of a controller. Traditional games take advantage of the Xbox's multiple controls on the compatible controller for a more complex, intriguing experience. SmartGlass technology allows users to use their phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced gaming experience. From the biggest blockbusters to small indie hits, games are available for play in multiple ways, including, streaming services, downloads and discs.

Choose an Age-Appropriate New Xbox 360 Game Based on the ESRB Rating
Pick a game appropriate for any audience following the Entertainment Software Rating Board's (ESRB) rating system. Games with the "EC" symbol, which stands for early childhood, are suitable for young children. Titles displaying a large "E" feature content that is suitable for all ages. "E 10" ratings mean the game is appropriate for gamers ages 10 and up, and may feature more cartoon fantasy or mild violence, mild language or minimal suggestive themes. The "T" teen rating is for games with content that is suitable for players 13 and older. Titles bearing an "M" rating are appropriate only for those over the age of 17, and may contain intense violence, gore, suggestive content or strong language. An "A" rating means the game is appropriate for adult audiences only. Using this system, it's simple to find a game that works for specific players and locations. More moderate titles are ideal for younger members of the family or for use in community centers or waiting rooms that are used by people of all ages. More graphic content is suitable for personal gaming collections or research labs.

Multiplayer and Single Player Options are Ideal for Different Environments
When selecting a new Xbox game, it's important to consider how many people can play at a given time. Single player games often follow more in-depth story lines, and take more time to complete, while multiplayer games are ideal for playing with friends and family as a fun way to pass the time. Some of the best Xbox 360 games offer both single player and multiplayer options for a versatile gaming experience. Games optimized for use on the Xbox 360 online community network allow users to connect, play against and chat with other players from around the world.

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