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Xbox 360 Video Games

From action adventure to sports, racing and party games, there are tons of Xbox 360 games to choose from. Play alone with single player titles or team up with others in multiplayer mode. Online communities expand the numbers of people to play against for more advanced competition. Some games are geared toward younger audiences, while others are for the enjoyment of adults. With a wide selection to choose from at Staples, it's simple to find a suitable game for every player.

Xbox 360 Games are Available in a Wide Number of Genres for Every Player's Enjoyment
Choose action, outdoors, sports, puzzles, kid's games and more from the many options available for the Xbox 360. With hundreds of titles under each category, there's a game to entertain everyone. Those designed for use with the Xbox's Kinect system offer interactive play without the use of a controller. Traditional games take advantage of the Xbox's multiple controls on the compatible controller for a more complex, intriguing experience. SmartGlass technology allows users to use their phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced gaming experience. From the biggest blockbusters to small indie hits, games are available for play in multiple ways, including, streaming services, downloads and discs.

Choose an Age-Appropriate New Xbox 360 Game Based on the ESRB Rating
Pick a game appropriate for any audience following the Entertainment Software Rating Board's (ESRB) rating system. Games with the "EC" symbol, which stands for early childhood, are suitable for young children. Titles displaying a large "E" feature content that is suitable for all ages. "E 10" ratings mean the game is appropriate for gamers ages 10 and up, and may feature more cartoon fantasy or mild violence, mild language or minimal suggestive themes. The "T" teen rating is for games with content that is suitable for players 13 and older. Titles bearing an "M" rating are appropriate only for those over the age of 17, and may contain intense violence, gore, suggestive content or strong language. An "A" rating means the game is appropriate for adult audiences only. Using this system, it's simple to find a game that works for specific players and locations. More moderate titles are ideal for younger members of the family or for use in community centers or waiting rooms that are used by people of all ages. More graphic content is suitable for personal gaming collections or research labs.

Multiplayer and Single Player Options are Ideal for Different Environments
When selecting a new Xbox game, it's important to consider how many people can play at a given time. Single player games often follow more in-depth story lines, and take more time to complete, while multiplayer games are ideal for playing with friends and family as a fun way to pass the time. Some of the best Xbox 360 games offer both single player and multiplayer options for a versatile gaming experience. Games optimized for use on the Xbox 360 online community network allow users to connect, play against and chat with other players from around the world.
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Microsoft® G2W-00002 Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Adventure, Xbox 360
Item : 478154 / Model : 3479070
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  • Release date: 01-04-2013
  • ESRB rating: E=Everyone
  • Platform: Xbox 360
25.19 $25.19
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Tecmo Koei® 217 Ninja Gaiden 3, Action/Adventure, Xbox 360
Item : 478343 / Model : 217
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  • Release date: 20-03-2012
  • ESRB rating: M17+=Mature 17+
  • Number of players: 1 - 8
100.59 $100.59
Electronic Arts™ 73030 Titanfall, Shooter, Xbox 360
Item : 476667 / Model : 3662076
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  • ESRB rating: RP=Rating pending
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Style: First-person shooter
25.79 $25.79
T2™ 39871 Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, Action/Adventure, Xbox 360
Item : 478393 / Model : 2779534
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  • Release date: 10-26-2010
  • ESRB rating: M (mature)
  • Number of players: 1 - 16
34.29 $34.29
Bethesda XB360 Skyrim
Item : 1671797 / Model : 2877885
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  • Epic Fantasy Reborn - Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.
  • Live Another Life, in Another World - Play any type of character you can imagine, and do whatever you want; the legendary freedom of choice, storytelling, and adventure of The Elder Scrolls comes to life like never before.
  • You Are What You Play - Choose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. The new character system allows you to play any way you want and define yourself through your actions.
19.99 $19.99
Square Enix 91619 XBox 360 Ultimate Action Triple Pack
Item : 1748566 / Model : 4132158
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  • JUST CAUSE 2 - On the island nation of Panau, rival gangs wage war in the streets while the ruthless dictator Baby Panay exercises a system of oppression and corruption against his own people. Somewhere on the island, your friend and mentor Tom Sheldon has disappeared with top-secret intel and millions in Agency cash. As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency's most dangerous weapon, you must infiltrate the island and locate Sheldon, setting off a violent chain of events that will set Panau ablaze.
  • SLEEPING DOGS - Sleeping Dogs catapults players into the role of undercover cop Wei Shen, tasked with taking down one of the world's most fearsome criminal organizations from the inside... the Hong Kong Triads. As players explore the bustling and crowded Hong Kong island, through its neon-lit side streets and sprawling street markets, an incredible story unfolds of loyalty and betrayal, where Wei begins to question his own motives as he is sucked in deeper than he could ever imagine.
  • TOMB RAIDER - After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was travelling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive. Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.
29.99 $29.99
Activision XB360 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger Of The Ooze
Item : 1671817 / Model : 3958355
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  • Play as your favorite Turtle! Have more than one favorite? Switch between them at any time.
  • Fight villains with an all new combat system to earn XP and upgrade your characters.
  • Explore the non-linear world to find hidden upgrades.
39.99 $39.99
Namco Bandai 21156 XBox 360 Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Item : 1748540 / Model : 4120865
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  • All 3 DLC Pack Contents: Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Ivory King.
  • Additional NPCs Added For Enhanced Story Experience and To Assist Guiding Players Through Level.
  • Upgrades to Graphics, Sound, and Performance.
29.95 $29.95
Performance Design Products Wired Controller For Xone Videogame, Camo (Dahd17981)
Item : 23982571 / Model : 048065NA
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  • Product Type : Wired Controller
  • For Xbox One & PC
  • Color : Camo
39.49 $39.49
Microsoft® 3XK-00029 Dance Central 3, Dance/Music, Xbox 360
Item : 478324 / Model : 3337334
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  • Publisher: Microsoft studios
  • Release date: 10-16-2012
  • ESRB rating: T=Teen
43.39 $43.39
Microsoft 6MU-00001 XB360 Forza Horizon 2
Item : 1671782 / Model : 3924916
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  • Explore a Massive, Living Open World - A world of beauty and freedom awaits. The next evolution of the best-in-class Forza graphics engine delivers full day and night cycle, with lighting and visual effects. An epic road trip career mode adapts to your car choices with hundreds of events across a beautiful and diverse European landscape. However you like to play, there is an endless variety of free-roam driving fun.
  • Take risks and earn rewards for showing off your driving skills and style. Smash through fences onto back country dirt trails, plow though fields of crops and dense forests, and discover new shortcuts on your thrilling, high-speed adventures. Race against aircraft and trains in thrilling Showcase events. Make your name at the Horizon Festival. Whether you're racing in traffic, catching huge air, or racking up skill points and combos with awesome stunts, your legacy begins here.
  • Connect with Friends - An epic road trip awaits. Join friends online to free roam together, compete in races and team Playground modes, or take part in fun co-op challenges. Join or create your own Car Club of up to 100 members to expand your network of friends and rule the leaderboards.
46.29 $46.29
Warner Brothers 1000565139 XBox 360 LEGO Jurassic World
Item : 1748557 / Model : 4214469
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  • Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Choose from 20 dinosaurs, including the friendly Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy and even the mighty T. rex.
  • Customize your own dinosaur collection: Collect LEGO amber and experiment with DNA to create completely original dinosaurs, like the Dilophosaurus Rex.
  • Populate and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put your unique dinosaur creations in to paddocks as you complete special Free Play missions.
49.99 $49.99
Konami 30197 XB360 Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
Item : 1671700 / Model : 3875313
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  • Lightning fast controls allow instinctive reaction to every moment of play.
  • Highly developed AI now constantly adjusts to action across the whole pitch. Teammates always offer options and support, making runs, finding space or marking opponents.
  • Choose exactly how and when to close down, tackle, or hold up play. Successful defending is in your hands.
39.99 $39.99
Microsoft F3Z-00001 XB360 Halo 4 GOTY
Item : 1671795 / Model : 3644325
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  • All-new Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One.
  • In-Game Content: Over 15 items from the Halo 4 campaign including in-game and avatar marketplace content and 2 Xbox Live themes. Plus, the Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One. For non-Xbox One markets, you may want to message, "The Master Chief Avatar Cloak introduced at E3 2013".
  • ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Violence
39.99 $39.99