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Xbox One Accessories

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Xbox One accessories add an element of fun and efficiency to many games, letting users communicate with each other and offering more control over specific tasks. They come in various color schemes with many offering advanced features for interactive playing. Staples carries multiple accessories including headsets, remote controls and chargers to improve your gaming experience.

Media Remotes and Gaming Controls
There are various remotes available for the Xbox One, including media remotes and controllers. Media remotes offer control over various forms of entertainment including video apps and Blu-Ray movies. They also pair with your television to control the power and volume functions. Many have a backlit display for increased visibility in low-light situations or dark rooms. You can also use a media remote to navigate through the various apps and menus on the Xbox One console.

Playing controllers give you full access to the features in any game. They come in various colors, including limited editions that have designs for popular movies or game series such as Halo and Call of Duty. Choose between a wired or wireless model. Wired controllers don't require charging between uses and wireless models offer more freedom of movement. When paired with a wireless adapter, you can use the controller for PC games as well. Kinect lets you use your voice and body to direct movements and operate TV controls. Automatically log in when you power on your console and easily multitask checking sports scores or social media while playing without having to pause your game.

Headsets and Microphones
Avid gamers who partake in role-playing games, or RPGs, often need to communicate with other players whether they're in the next town or across the globe. Many headsets come with a built-in boom microphone that flips up when not in use and inline controls that let users adjust the volume and mute their voices. Select units have a detachable adapter for controlling these functions by hand. High-quality drivers provide crystal-clear audio, transporting users directly into the game for an immersive experience. Comfortable ear covers and headbands are a must for those who wear them for extended sessions.

Additional Accessories for Xbox One
Many users like to personalize their console and accessories with stickers and skins that represent their interests or a specific game. Skins come in a variety of colors and patterns, and as an added bonus, they don't just dress up the controller, they also protect its surface and provide additional ergonomic grip. Charging docks ensure your controllers are always ready to go. Select 2 2 models let you charge two controllers and two additional Xbox one accessories such as headsets. Steering wheels give an authentic feel to racing games and many come with a foot controller that includes gas and brake pedals.

Keypads make it easy to chat with other users and input codes with a 21-key QWERTY keyboard. It attaches directly to your controller between the handles and has a backlit display so you can see in any lighting conditions. External game drives offer up to 2TB of additional storage to save progress and files.